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Another very scarce French silver jeton, this time issued for the church of Sainte Genevieve in... 1666 Ian
This is what is known as a `stock jeton'. These were struck and held in reserve against the event... 1730 Ian
French 5 franc gold coins are considerably scarcer than 20 francs, and often show considerable... 1854 LawrenceChard
A jeton issued for Antonius Morand, Dean of the faculty of Medecine at Paris (1660, 1663, and... 1664 Ian
Charles X, 5 Francs, 1827A. 25.0000 g, 0.9000 Silver, .7234 Oz. ASW. Mintage: 6,822,000 units.... 1827 HKMAL
silver drachm (a la tete cubiste)of the Volques Tectosages, a celtic tribe from the Toulouse... -100 Ian
Bi-metallic jeton minted in 1579 during the reign of Henri III of France. Silver centre with... 1579 Ian
Copper medal by Jean Dassier (struck early - mid 18th century). The obverse refers to the zeal... 1760 Ian
Silver jeton issued for the parish of St Germain (Paris) during the reign of Louis XVI. Bust of... 1760 Ian
Second Republic Essai/Pattern 5 Francs, designed by Magniadas. NGC MS-66, Bronze. Up to 26th... 1848 HKMAL
silver jeton issued for Des Etats de Bretagne (Bretonese Parliament) in 1717 1717 Ian
Silver jeton produced for the `Invalides de la marine' an institution originally set up during... 1773 Ian
Interesting and fairly scarce jeton issued for the `Parties casuelles' in 1737. The reverse... 1737 Ian
CENTENAIRE DE 1789 EXPOSITION UNIVERSELLE Can someone help identifying this Medal or (coin) ??? 1789 Dutchmen
1969 France 20 Centimes 1969 Tiffibunny
Another popular bullion coin, the French 20-Franc Rooster coin, this one dated before the "Great... 1913 Empire_Builder
50 Francs (Aluminum-Bronze) Obverse; Liberty left with flower in hair, REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE G... 1952 gm99
A gilded silver medal struck for the French Ministry of Agriculture circa 1870 by the famous... 1870 Ian
One for the UFOlogists :) Copper jeton issued for the Burgundian Parliament in 1648 1648 Ian
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