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1774 France Louis XVI (1754-1793) Royal Academy of Surgery Medal by Duvivier/N. Catteauk Bronze:... 1774 WWKT
1904 France Saint Louis Expostion Universelle Internationale Plaque by L. Bottee. Bronze 62X72MM... 1904 WWKT
1944 JUIN/JUIN 1954 France Cherboug Port De La Liberation Medal by Turin. Bronze: 67MM./178.26gm.... 1954 WWKT
1900 o.j. France Harve de Grace Chambre de Commerce Octagon Jeton by Barre. Silver 34MM./16.23... 1900 WWKT
1801 France Napoleon Treaty of Luneville Medal. Silver: 37MM. Obv: Angel flying on the cloud... 1801 WWKT
1969 France QUR TOUTE L'ANNEE SOIT RICHE POUR VOUS DE (The Whole Year Is Rich For You) Medal... 1969 WWKT
1638 France Louis XIV "Val-de-Grace" Medal by Jean Warin. Bronze: 96MM./446.7 gm. Obv: Anne of... 1638 WWKT
1979 France 1579-1979 400th Anniversary Compagnie Royale Des Anciens Arquebusiers de Vise... 1979 WWKT
1806 France First Empire Napoleon I Battle of JENA Medal by Denon & Galle. Silver: 42MM./34.2... 1806 WWKT
1825 France Charles X Coronation at Reims Official Medal by Gayrard. Bronze: 35MM Obv: CAROLVS X... 1825 WWKT
1886 France Academy of Vaucluse Literary and Artistic Competition Medal by Desaide. Silver... 1886 WWKT
1703 France Toulouse, Chambre De Commerce Medal by Coffret D'Origine. Silver: 37MM. Obv: Warrior... 1703 WWKT
1667 France Louis XIV Prise de Tounai Medal by Scaldis. Bronze: 89MM. Obv: Protrait of Loius XIV... 1667 WWKT
1800 o j France Victoria, La Louve Medal by Jean Vernon. Bronze: 42MM Obv: Horseman riding on... 1848 WWKT
1910 France Victorieux Des Elements Medal by Charles Jean Cleophas Desvergnes (1860-1929).... 1910 WWKT
1800 o j France Victoria, La Louve Medal by Jean Vernon. Bronze: 42MM 1800 WWKT
1870-1871 France National Guard HEUDREVILLE SUR EURE Guérin Laquérière War Medal. Gilted... 1870 WWKT
1815 France Departure of Louis XVIII from Paris Medal by Jeuffroy & Andrieu. Bronze: 50MM./50... 1815 WWKT
1773 France Louis XV (1715-1774) Marriage of Comte d'Artois (futher Charles X) with Marie Therese... 1773 WWKT
1804 France Napoleon & Josphine The Coronation Celebrated Presentation Medal by Brenet. Silver... 1804 WWKT
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