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1842 German Friedrich William IV., 1840-1861. On the marrige of his cousin Maria & Maximilian II... 1842 WWKT
1905 Germany International Entomology Exhibition. Bronze: 30MM. 1905 WWKT
1900 o.j. German Prussia Wilhelm I (1797-1861-1888) Agricultural Award Medal by A Mertens for... 1900 WWKT
1893 German Bavarian Opening of New Shooting Range Medal by P. Pfann & A. Borsch. Silver 38MM.... 1893 WWKT
1722 Germany Bayern Karl Albert 1726-1745 To his engagement with Amalie of Austria, daughter of... 1722 WWKT
1820 German Brandenberg - Prussia, Kingdom of Friedrich Wilhelm III (1797-1840) on the 70th... 1820 WWKT
2000 o.j. German "Athena with Medals" uniface oval Medal by Karl Burgeff. Bronze: 60X70MM./68... 2000 WWKT
1869 Austria Ottoman Empire, The Presence of the Emperor in Egypt at the Opening of the Suez... 1869 WWKT
1893 German Bayern Leopold & Maria 25th Wedding Anniversary Medal by A. Borsch Fecit. Silver:... 1893 WWKT
1883 German Karl Friedrich Wilhelm (1757-1836) Dedication on the occasion of the Second German... 1883 WWKT
1560 German Duchess of Baden Bavaria Maria Jacoba Wilhem IV Medieval Portrait Medal. Silver... 1560 WWKT
1799 Roman German Empire Habsburg Franz II, on the victory over French at Stockach - Pfullendorf... 1799 WWKT
German Bayern, Ludwig I 1825-1848 the Merriage of His eldest son Maximiliam with Mary Princess of... 1842 WWKT
1863 German Brandenberg - Prussia 50th Anniversary of The Battle of the Nations near Leipzig... 1863 WWKT
1795 German Bavaria Karl Theodor Medal by C. Destouches. Silver: 43.3MM./36.25 gms. Obv: Karl... 1795 WWKT
1888 German State Bavaria Shooting Festival Medal. Silver: 36MM. Obv: Bust OF Luitpold as Prince... 1888 WWKT
1890 German 350th Anniversary of The Shooting Association Medal by Wilhelm & Mayer. Silver:... 1980 WWKT
1941 Germany Reich Esoteric Calendar Horoscope dedicated lider of the Reich AH Medal by Karl... 1941 WWKT
1924 Germany Zeppelin Medal by K. Goetz. Silver: 33MM./18.10 gms. Obv: Transfer of reparations... 1924 WWKT
1720 o j German Habsburg The Consecration of Bishop, Johann Philipp Franze Graf by... 1720 WWKT
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