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Silver Didrachm from the Greek City State of Gela in Sicily (between Acragas and Kamarina on... -490 Ian
Syracus silver obol struck circa 485 -475 bc. Obverse bust of Arethusa. Reverse four spoke wheel -485 Ian
Syracuse tetradrachm struck during reign of Hieron I circa 476 bc. A bit worse for wear but still... -476 Ian
silver litra from the Sicilian city state of Leontini circa 455-430 BC. -455 Ian
Another silver Didrachm from the Greek City State of Gela in Sicily. This time with `Gela' facing... -450 Ian
silver litra from the ancient Sikel town of Abacaenum (Abakainon) sited eight miles from the... -450 Ian
Silver Stater from the Greek City State of Kroton in Bruttium (foot of Italy) circa 420 - 390 BC.... -420 Ian
Sicily (not Italy), town of SYRACUSE, Arethusa and Cuttlefish (octobus) silver litra (obol) -400 mmarotta
Copper trias froim Syracuse circa 400-345 BC. Obverse Athena; reverse hypocamp. Coin has seen... -400 Ian
Velia in Lucania silver stater. Athena head in Phrygian helmet to left. reverse lion to left with... -365 Ian
bronze from the Greek City State of Akragas, Sicilly. Obverse bust of Apollo. reverse two eagles. -350 Ian
Ae `trias' from the city state of Syracuse circa 344 - 336 BC. Coin is far better than scan would... -344 Ian
An Ae21 (struck 325-275 bc)from the town of Arpi, in Apulia, Italy. Obverse: bust of Zeus.... -325 Ian
nice Syracusan bronze Ae 7 coin (circa 320 bc). Femal head obverse, scallop and dolphin reverse. -320 Ian
bronze from Greek City State of Kamarina, Sicilly. Obverse bust of Athena. Reverse owl on a... -285 Ian
A silver didrachm from Sparta's one and only colony in Magna Graecia, the city of Tarentum. One... -280 Ian
Bronze coin from the city of Rhegium in Bruttium circa 270 bc. Obverse bust of Apollo to left.... -270 Ian
silver Victoriatus of the Roman Republic circa 211 BC. Jupiter obverse with Victory crowning a... -211 Ian
Decimius Flavus silver denier minted in Rome 150 bc. Obverse `Roma'. Reverse has Luna in a Biga. -150 Ian
A q fabius labeo Roman Silver Denarius from 124 BC -124 ruysim
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