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Copper-Nickel, 33.5mm Subject: Kuala Lumpur Anniversary Obv: Artistic value and dollar sign above... 1972 Hawk
Copper-Nickel Subject: 5th Malaysia 5-Year Plan Obv: Arms with supporters with value and dollar... 1990 Hawk
Copper Plated Zinc. Subject: 15th Southeast Asian Games. Obv: Star design within small circle... 1989 Hawk
1.3900g, Copper-Nickel Obv: Crowned head of King George VI left. Rev: Value within beaded circle.... 1950 Hawk
Copper-Nickel, 33mm. Subject: 3rd Malaysian 5-Year Plan. Obv: Arms with supporters. Rev: Head... 1980 Hawk
Copper-Zinc-Tin. Series: World Wildlife Fund. Obv: Value and dollar sign flanked by flowers with... 1992 Hawk
Constitutional Monarchy, 10 Sen, 1971 (Key Date). Copper-Nickel, 19.3mm. Mintage: 42,000 units.... 1971 Hawk
Straits Settlements 1/2 cent, KGV 1932 ElleKitty
Copper-Nickel, 33.5mm. Subject: 25th Anniversary-Employee Provident Fund. Obv: Value. Rev: Two... 1976 Hawk
Copper-Nickel. Subject: 35th Annual PATA Conference. Obv: Value. Rev: Standing turtle. Mintage:... 1986 Hawk
Copper-Nickel, 33.5mm. Subject: 4th Malaysian Plan. Obv: Arms with supporters. Rev: Bust with... 1981 Hawk
Copper-Nickel, 33.5mm. Subject: 9th Southeast Asian Games. Obv: Arms with supporters. Rev: Kite... 1977 Hawk
Copper-Nickel, 33.5mm. Subject: 100th Anniversary of Natural Rubber Production. Obv: Value and... 1977 Hawk
1 Dollar coin, 30th Anniversary of Malasyia. 1987 ElleKitty
5 cents, C.V. Brooke, Rajah. Heaton Mint. 1927 ElleKitty
1 cent. George V (1910-1936). Straits Settlements. Mintage 55,000,000 units. Cu. 1920 podzemnik
10 cents Malaya (British) George VI 1950 Martin22
1 Sen KM#1a 1.7200 g., Copper-Clad Steel, 17.69 mm. Obv: Value Rev: Parliament house 1988 Tomux
Straits Settlements 1 cent Queen Victoria bronze 1891 bart
Straits Settlements 1 cent George V king and emperor bronze square coin 1920 bart