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Countermarked Scottish sword dollar, ryal, or thirty shillings, hence XXX, issued for James VI... 1567 LawrenceChard
SCOTLAND. 1637-1642 Charles I 30 Shillings. KM#89. Falconer's Second Issue. PCGS XF-40. 1637 gpnyc
I don't really know the date of issue. I got this on a Dream Vacation, while playing at St... 1973 nonamateur
This is an Edinburgh halfpenny / ha'penny / `Edinburgh bawbee' as it was commonly termed. a token... 1790 Ian
I came across this one via ebay. It was actually brought to my attention on rec.collecting.coins... 1797 Ian
`Sword Dollar' /Silver Ryal/ Thirty Shillings Scots of James VI of Scotland 1570 Ian
Dundee shilling. A private token 1797 Ian
Dundee half penny (Dudhope Castle / flax hackler). 1797 Ian
An Edinburgh half penny (St Andrews/ ship). Private token 1791 Ian
Perth half penny (Bridge over the tay at Perth /Salmon fisher. 1797 Ian
Dundee half penny (Auld Steeple / Dundee harbour) 1795 Ian
Dundee half penny (Coat of Arms/ Crooms) 1795 Ian
Dundee half penny (Harbour scene/ Dundee Royal Infirmary) 1796 Ian
Dundee half penny (St Andrews Church/ Wishart Arch at Cowgate) 1797 Ian
Dundee farthing (Trades Hall/Horse and cart). Scarcer private token. 1797 Ian
Brechin half penny (Mill/Church). Scarcer token. 1801 Ian
Burntisland half penny (Carboy and monogram /Burntisland Vitriol Co.) 1797 Ian
Edinburgh half penny (Flower in shield / Bucks head). Private token. This variant identified by... 1796 Ian
Edinburgh half penny (Palmbranch above shield / Archibalds seeds). 1796 Ian
Edinburgh half penny (HH monogram / Anchor). 1796 Ian
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