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EF 1966 scottish shilling, lustre there and raised details showing minimal wear 1966 ScottO
VF 1944 500. silver shilling, higher grade then the norimal, birght coin, but wear on the thistle... 1944 ScottO
EF 1958 scottish shilling, higher grade then average with lustre 1958 ScottO
a nice 1948 scottish shilling, its bright, but condition is only fine still it a good solid VF 1948 ScottO
Bo'ness church communion token dated 1796 1796 Ian
1 Scottish shilling 1946 boraxbunny
1 Scottish Shilling 1953 boraxbunny
1 Scottish Shilling 1944 boraxbunny
SCOTLAND (KINGDOM)~AR Groat 1329-1371 AD. Under King: David II. 1329 Zantetsuken
PCI7, Group 2, Scottishmoney, Mary, Queen of Scotland Silver Ryal 1566 1566 coinpeople2007
A doublestruck Charles II 6d. 1678 WorldErrors
1782 Communion token (lead) from Rathillet, Fife. 1782 Ian
1602 James VI Merk. Low grade but hard to find in any grade. 1602 Ian
1695 Wm 40/-. Low grade but still very collectable. 1695 Ian
1690 Wm and Mary 40/-. Low grade but still very collectable. 1690 Ian
Mary Queen of Scots silver Ryal. This one has been curated. It bears the crowned thistle... 1567 Ian
Scottish gold UNIT issued by James I of Scotland in 1609. As James I of England, he also issued a... 1609 LawrenceChard
Half groat of Robert II circa 1371. Decent portrait coin. 1371 Ian
Perth half penny (Arms / Whisky still). Difficult to find in collectable condition. 1797 Ian
Perth half penny (Heraldic Eagle/ Hank of yarm above dressed flax). 1797 Ian
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