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KM-13.2, 1930 South Africa half penny; small mintage of only 147,000; this bronze coin is in good... 1930 sandy3075
KM-14.1, 1923 South Africa penny; bronze, plain edge; George V, blackened at mint, mintage... 1923 sandy3075
KM-28, 1941 South Africa shilling; silver, reeded edge; George VI, extra fine condition but it... 1941 sandy3075
KM-12.1, 1924 South Africa farthing; bronze, plain edge; George V first type, 1/4 PENNY 1/4... 1924 sandy3075
KM-12.3, 1935 South Africa farthing in nice about uncirculated condition; mitage 61,000. 1935 sandy3075
KM-14.2, 1931 South Africa penny; solid extra fine, still lustrous on reverse but obverse has... 1931 sandy3075
KM-25, 1942 South Africa, no star/diamond after date variety; it looks good extra fine; in... 1942 sandy3075
Detail for the SA42G below. 1942 sandy3075
KM-141, 1990 South Africa rand; nickel, reeded edge; President Botha commemorative, bright... 1990 sandy3075
KM-4, 1895 Zuid-Afrikkansche Republiek (ZAR) South Africa 6 pence; silver, reeded edge; Boer... 1895 sandy3075
KM-88, 1980 South Africa silver proof rand; springbok on reverse, reeded edge, a bit of hase on... 1980 sandy3075
KM-87, 1980 South Africa 50 cents; proof nickel plain edge; reverse shows one of the weld flowers... 1980 sandy3075
KM-86, 1980 South Africa 20 cents plain edge nickel proof coin; reverse continues with the... 1980 sandy3075
KM-85, 1980 South Africa 10 cents; nickel (again, looks like SA mint did not like copper-nickel... 1980 sandy3075
KM-84, 1980 South Africa 5 cents; nickel, plain edge proof, blue crane on reverse 1980 sandy3075
KM83, 1980 South Africa proof 2 cents; very nice multi-colored and toned but still gorgeous... 1980 sandy3075
KM-82, 1980 South Africa proof cent, reeded edge, bronze, sparrows on reverse 1980 sandy3075
KM-81, 1980 South Africa proof 1/2 cent; bronze reeded coin with sparrows on reverse; it is... 1980 sandy3075
KM-41, 1952 South Africa 5 shillings crown, 300'th anniversary of the founding of the Cape Town,... 1952 sandy3075
KM-62, 1963 South Africa (Republic) 50 cents; proof, silver, reeded edge; transitional coinage... 1963 sandy3075
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