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Country: South Africa Coins

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KM-14.2, 1926 South Africa penny; bronze, plain edge; early South African copper mintage, nice... 1926 sandy3075
KM-65.1, 1965 South Africa (Republic) proof cent; multi-colored nice; bronze reeded edge; sharp... 1965 sandy3075
KM-65.2, 1969 South Africa (Republic) cent; proof, bronze, reeded edge; Afrikaans legend, mintage... 1969 sandy3075
Two variations o fthe numeral on one cent South African coin. Left one is 1965 regular and right... 1965 sandy3075
1965 proof cent (SA65A coin) die variety (left) where the upper branch of the tree does not touch... 1965 sandy3075
KM-65.2, 1967 South Africa (Republic) cent; bronze, reeded edge; first Republican circulation... 1967 sandy3075
KM-66.2, South Africa proof 2 cents, Afrikaans legend; nice red proof; reeded edge bronze. 1965 sandy3075
KM-33, 1949 South Africa half penny; red proof; bronze plain edge. beautiful, mintage 800. 1949 sandy3075
KM-31, 1947 South Africa 5 shillings; toned proof well preserved; silver reeded edge depicting HM... 1947 sandy3075
KM-27, 1947 South Africa 6 pence proof; last year of the old imperial enscription; toned from the... 1947 sandy3075
KM-26, 1947 South Africa 3 pence in proof; plain edge darker toned. 1947 sandy3075
KM-23, 1947 South Africa proof farthing (1/4 penny) 1947 sandy3075
KM-25, 1947 South Africa proof penny; nice red 1947 sandy3075
KM-26, 1940 South Africa 3 pence; better looking than the scan that makes it dull, has a lot of... 1940 sandy3075
Detail: date of the SA40C below, looks like a recut 4 in the date and close period after 0. 1940 sandy3075
KM-26, 1943 South Africa (Dominion) 3 pence; silver, plain edge; bright uncirculated or about,... 1943 sandy3075
Detals: left is a regular 3 pence with clearly visible KG initials; right: phantom KG with just a... 1943 sandy3075
KM-26, 1943 South Africa 3 pence; large die break on reverse and fantom KG that are almost... 1943 sandy3075
Detail of the 2 different 1943 dates: Left is the close period after date (SA43C); right:... 1943 sandy3075
KM-23, 1937 South Africa farthing (1/4D); mint blackened bronze (through 1941 they were... 1937 sandy3075