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Country: South Africa Coins

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KM-32.1, 1950 South Africa farthing (1/4D) in about uncirculated condition 1950 sandy3075
1947 British Royal couple visit to South Africa medal, appear bronze, with original ribbon and clasp 1947 sandy3075
Royal visit to South Africa 1947 sandy3075
KM-55, 1960 South Africa's last 5 shilling crown; nice proof with mirror ssurfaces and a bit of... 1960 sandy3075
KM-14.1, 1923 South Africa penny; bronze, plain edge; George V, first year with small mintage of... 1923 sandy3075
KM-55, Commemorative 50'th anniversary of the Union but a business strike. 1960 sandy3075
KM-46, 1954 South Africa penny, pleasant about 85% red specimen with a hint of brownish toning... 1954 sandy3075
KM-52, 1956 South Africa proof 5 shillings (crown); very nice mirror like fields (there is no... 1956 sandy3075
KM-52, 1955 South Africa 5 shillings; nice crown in business strike, mintage was relatively small... 1955 sandy3075
Unusual guilded South African 1/2 penny; have no idea if someone was experiementing or just... 1960 sandy3075
KM-14.3, 1936 South Africa penny; last year of George V; extra fine obverse and good very fine... 1936 sandy3075
Die varieties of the position of 4 in the date for 1942 penny; Left: normal spacing between 9 and... 1942 sandy3075
KM-24, 1947 South Africa proof half penny; although not abolutely perfect almost completely red... 1947 sandy3075
Natal, June 22'nd 1911 George V coronation souvenir medal; obverse GEORGIVS.V.REX.ET.IMP:E... 1911 sandy3075
Natal 1925 Edward Prince of Wales visit to South Africa medal; looks like a good fine but a... 1925 sandy3075
KM-84, 1971 South Africa 5 cents; proof, nickel, plain edge; nice cameo proof, mintage 12,000. 1971 sandy3075
KM-47, 1955 South Africa 3 pence proof; mintage 2,850 in proof that year; silver, plain edge;... 1955 sandy3075
KM-46, 1959 South Africa penny; plain edge, bronze; red brown uncirculated, reverse is bright red 1959 sandy3075
KM-47, 1959 South Africa 3 pence; silver, plain edge; common variety with KG present, bright... 1959 sandy3075
KM-12.3, 1935 South Africa farthing; bronze, plain edge; blackened, uncirculated specimen,... 1935 sandy3075