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1864 2 ore, low grade 1864 ScottO
Switzerland 5 rappen. 2012 2012 henry12
1944B ½ Franc 1944 Mouser
1903B 1 Franc 1903 Mouser
1962B 10 Rappen 1962 Mouser
KM-180, ND (1827-1841) Switzerland canton Zurich 3 haller; billon; uncirculated and mostly bright... 1827 sandy3075
Switzerland 5 francs. 1981, Stans Convention of 1481. 1981 henry12
28Ni Swiss 20 Rappen. Although Nickel is found in coin alloys since antiquity, this is the first... 1881 xphobe
Geneva, Taler, 1794. Inspired by the events in neighboring France, Geneva experienced its own... 1794 HKMAL
KM-18, 1816 Switzerland canton Vaud 2 1/2 rappen; billon, plain edge; extra fine plus (for... 1816 sandy3075
Switzerland 5 Rappen 1922 1922 Akdeveli
1903 Swiss Fraunefeld Agricultura Heldetica Medal by Durussel. Silver 50MM/52.93 gm. Obv: Ceres... 1903 WWKT
1822 Swiss Langenthal Schutzenfest Medal by L. BOVY F. & L. FOUENIER . Silver: 46MM./44.5 gms.... 1822 WWKT
1800 o j Swiss Geneve Ecole De Tir Des Amis Du Mannequin.Schutzentaler Shooting Medal by Charles... 1800 WWKT
1885 Swiss Federal Shooting Festival Thaler 5 Francs Silver Coin, Inscription: Obverse: LIBERTADE... 1885 Yeyong
1883 Swiss Federal Shooting Festival Thaler Silver Coin, Inscription: Obverse: DEM BUND ZUM... 1883 Yeyong
1874 Swiss Federal Shooting Festival Thaler Silver Coin, Inscription or Legends: Obverse: 1474 A... 1874 Yeyong
KM-21, 1947 Switzerland 2 francs, Berne mint (B mint mark); silver, reeded edge; nice bright... 1947 sandy3075
1865 Swiss Federal Shooting Festival Thaler 5 Francs Silver Coin. Inscription or Legends:... 1865 Yeyong
1893 Swiss Exposition Internationale de Philatelie in Zurich Stamp Medal by Hugues Bovy F. Silver... 1893 WWKT