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1865 Swiss Federal Shooting Festival Thaler 5 Francs Silver Coin. Inscription or Legends:... 1865 Yeyong
1893 Swiss Exposition Internationale de Philatelie in Zurich Stamp Medal by Hugues Bovy F. Silver... 1893 WWKT
1876 Swiss Lausanne (Waad/Vaud) eidgenossische Schutzenfest Medal by Durussel. Silver plated... 1876 WWKT
1891 Swiss Karlsruhe Schutzenmedaillen 12 Association Shooting Medal. Silver: 39.3MM. 1891 WWKT
1716 Swiss Bern Medal by H. J. Gessner. Silver: 49MM/42.98 gms. Obv: Geharnischle bust with a... 1716 WWKT
1822 Swiss Langenthal Schutzenfest Medal by L. BOVY F. & L. FOUENIER . Bronze: 47MM./47.7 gms.... 1822 WWKT
Switzerland 10 Rappen 1924B 1924 Akdeveli
Switzerland 10 Rappen 1882B 1882 Akdeveli
Switzerland 5 Rappen 1917B 1917 Akdeveli
Richter 879b, 1901 Switzerland Luzern shooting medal; silver, plain edge, 45 mm; matte uncirculated. 1901 sandy3075
Richter 808, Martin 432, 1892 Switzerland Glarus shooting medal; silver, plain edge, 45 mm; proof... 1892 sandy3075
1892 Swiss Plainpalis Shooting medal. Bronze: 51 MM./81.86 gms. 1892 WWKT
Switzerland 1991 10 rappen. Weight: 3.00g. 1991 gxseries
Switzerland 1974 1 rappen. Fingerprint stain. Weight: 1.52g. 1974 gxseries
Switzerland 1 Rappen 1952B 1952 Akdeveli
1894 Swiss Geneve Exercises de l'Arquebuse et de la Navigation Medal by Hugues Bovy. Silver:... 1894 WWKT
1880 Swiss Lucerne Federal Gymnastic Fete Medal by Durussel. White Metal: 47MM Obv: Shield of... 1880 WWKT
1800 o j Swiss Society of Arts of Geneva Medal. Silver: 48MM./37.85 gms. Obv: Genius of Arts... 1800 WWKT
Swiss Cantons 21/2 Rappen silver. KM#91 18 mm list rarity index, 92.(sell or trade) 1846 Shiny
1885 Swiss Bern Eidgenossische Schutzenfest Medal by Eduard Durussel. Silver: 48MM./40.1 gms.... 1885 WWKT