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KM-48, 1836 Uniteed States of America 10 cents *dime); Philadelphia mint (no mint mark); silver,... 1836 sandy3075
USA 1 Dollar 1980P 1980 Akdeveli
State quarter 2003 P - Alabama 2003 henry12
1974 Kennedy Half Dollar 1974 henry12
2009 Ultra high relief Double Eagle 2009 azda
KM-132, 1935 United States of America cent, Philadelphia mint (no mint mark); bronze, plain edge;... 1935 sandy3075
Native American $1 coin program. This year honored Native American Code Talkers in World War I... 2016 jurkovms
Ronald Reagan, 40th President. Credited for winning the 'cold war'. This ends the Presidential... 2016 jurkovms
Gerald R. Ford, 38th President, $1 coin series. Manganese-brass, 26.5 mm. 2016 jurkovms
Richard M. Nixon, 37th president, $1 coin series. Ended US involvement in Vietnam. He is the only... 2016 jurkovms
USA, 1/4 dollar, 2017, Cu-Ni, 24.26mm, 5.67g, MM: D, George Washington, George Rogers Clark,... 2017 vajaho
1976 D Roosevelt dime 1976 henry12
USA 5 Cents 1884 1884 Akdeveli
1994 P Roosevelt dime 1994 henry12
1988 P Roosevelt dime (II) 1988 henry12
USA 1 Dollar 2018P - American Innovators 2018 Akdeveli
New Braunfels, Texas Snake farm elongated coin 2019 Mark_Stilson
New Braunfels, Texas Snake farm elongated coin 2019 Mark_Stilson
Washington State tax token 1941 Mark_Stilson
USA One Cent 1973S 1973 Akdeveli