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Ever so often I like to sneak in a light side (U.S.) coin or two like this Peace dollar. 1923 MSD61
O-116, R.3, a very nice example, likely cleaned long ago, but nice rim toning (looks to be toned... 1830 Empire_Builder
Finally picked this one up with my tax refund for not much over melt! 1834 Empire_Builder
US Large Cent 1848N37 1848 Art
2009 gm99
1972-S NGC PR68 CAMEO silver. 1972 Burks
1864 2 Cent Coin MS64 Large Motto 1864 nohope587
1977-S Washington Quarter 1977 Pilgrim
1986-W Liberty Gold $5 Commemorative 1986 Tiffibunny
US Large Cent 1851N20 1851 Art
1986-S Jefferson nickel 1986 syzygy
1964D Jefferson Nickel with Die Clash B2G6H2 1964 Nickelman
1909 VDB Lincoln Head Cent 1909 AuldFartte
2009 gm99
US Large Cent 1848N1 1848 Art
1794 U.S. Liberty Cap Large Cent, S-70. 1794 AuldFartte
TRADE DOLLAR 420 GRAINS 900 FINE This Coin is For Sale USD1.5 Million Please Call +601115484007 1871 4Sight
1957 Lincoln Wheat Cent 1957 Tiffibunny
1988-S Jefferson nickel 1988 syzygy
O-112a, a very attractive coin graded only EF-40 by PCGS, but with lovely toning! 1829 Empire_Builder