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20 cents. Republique Francaise. Franch Indo-China. Al. 1945 podzemnik
Later Le Dynasty, Emperor Nhan Tong (1443-1459 AD), Dien Ninh era (1454-1459 AD), 'Dien Ninh... 1454 HKMAL
Mac Dynasty (1527-1592 AD), Mac Dang Doanh, Emperor Thai Tong, Dai Chinh era (1530-1540 AD), 'Dai... 1530 HKMAL
Vietnam, Đại Cò Việt, The Đinh dynasty, Đinh Bộ Lĩnh, Thái Bình hưng bảo. 968.... 970 HKMAL
Hàm Nghi Thông Bảo/ 咸宜通寶 1884 HKMAL
North Dai Viet, Occupation of China (1788-89 AD), Chinese invasion 'Canh Long Thong Bao'. 2.5g,... 1789 HKMAL
Nguyen Dynasty, Emperor Thieu Tri (1841-1847 AD), Hammered 'Thieu Tri Thong Bao', 1 Tien. 3.8g,... 1841 HKMAL
Full set brass 'Tu Duc Bao Sao' with 2 different 60 Van (1861 and 1870 debased type). Note: 10... 1861 HKMAL
Scarcer 1861 first and larger type brass 'Tu Duc Bao Sao' 60 Van, with legal weight 9 Tien (34.2... 1861 HKMAL
Nguyen dynasty smaller value brass 'Tu Duc Thong Bao' (Tu Duc general currency). Gift from... 1848 HKMAL
Nguyen Dynasty, Emperor Minh Mang (1820-1841) hammered 3 Tien 'Minh Mang Thong Bao' (Minh Mang... 1835 HKMAL
500 Dong 2003 boraxbunny
2000 Dong 2003 boraxbunny
5000 Dong 2003 boraxbunny
10 Dong 1974 boraxbunny
20 Dong 1963 boraxbunny
200 Dong 2003 boraxbunny
1 Dong 1971 boraxbunny
10 Dong 1964 boraxbunny
5 Hao. Viet Minh. These coins were issued by the Viet-Minh under Ho Chih Minh in 1946. 1946 boraxbunny