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Dynasty Ly (1009-1225), Emperor Ly Thai Tong (1028-1054), Minh Dao era (1042-1043), 'Minh Dao... 1042 HKMAL
Nguyen Dynasty first Emperor. Obverse; Gia Long Thong Bao.Reverse: Dot.Copper one cash coin. 1802 gm99
Tay Son dynasty (1778-1802 AD), Emperor Nguyen Van Hue (1788-92 AD), Quang Trung era, 'Quang... 1788 HKMAL
Tran dynasty (1225-1398), Emperor Tran Du Tong (1341-69), Dai Tri era (1358-68), 'Dai Tri Thong... 1361 HKMAL
Anti-Ming War, Tran dynasty, Emperor Tran Cao (1426-28 AD), Thien Khanh era (1426-27 AD), 'Thien... 1427 HKMAL
Later Le Dynasty, Emperor Thai Tong (1433-1442), Dai Bao era (1440-42 AD), small character 'Dai... 1440 HKMAL
10 cents. Republique Francaise. Franch Indo-China. Al. 1945 podzemnik
20 cents. Republique Francaise. Franch Indo-China. Al. 1945 podzemnik
Later Le Dynasty, Emperor Nhan Tong (1443-1459 AD), Dien Ninh era (1454-1459 AD), 'Dien Ninh... 1454 HKMAL
Mac Dynasty (1527-1592 AD), Mac Dang Doanh, Emperor Thai Tong, Dai Chinh era (1530-1540 AD), 'Dai... 1530 HKMAL
Vietnam, Đại Cò Việt, The Đinh dynasty, Đinh Bộ Lĩnh, Thái Bình hưng bảo. 968.... 970 HKMAL
Hàm Nghi Thông Bảo/ 咸宜通寶 1884 HKMAL
North Dai Viet, Occupation of China (1788-89 AD), Chinese invasion 'Canh Long Thong Bao'. 2.5g,... 1789 HKMAL
Nguyen Dynasty, Emperor Thieu Tri (1841-1847 AD), Hammered 'Thieu Tri Thong Bao', 1 Tien. 3.8g,... 1841 HKMAL
Full set brass 'Tu Duc Bao Sao' with 2 different 60 Van (1861 and 1870 debased type). Note: 10... 1861 HKMAL
Scarcer 1861 first and larger type brass 'Tu Duc Bao Sao' 60 Van, with legal weight 9 Tien (34.2... 1861 HKMAL
Nguyen dynasty smaller value brass 'Tu Duc Thong Bao' (Tu Duc general currency). Gift from... 1848 HKMAL
Nguyen Dynasty, Emperor Minh Mang (1820-1841) hammered 3 Tien 'Minh Mang Thong Bao' (Minh Mang... 1835 HKMAL
500 Dong 2003 boraxbunny
2000 Dong 2003 boraxbunny