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First President George Washington 1789-1797 1789 USA
1st President George Washington 1$ 1789-1797 1789 USA
4 Reales 1790 Mexico
General Anthony Wayne medal awarded by Congress for the Battle of Stony Point. US Mint restrike... 1790 Exonumia North America
General Daniel Morgan Battle of Cowpens medal. US Mint restrike ca 1960s. 1790 Exonumia North America
This is a one year type (1790) transitional half-reale of King Charles IIII with King Charles III... 1790 Mexico
8 reale King Carolus IV (Charles IV) with King Charles III head. This type was minted 1789 and... 1790 Mexico
1791 GEORGE WASHINGTON SMALL EAGLE CENT. NGC AU-55BN. Deep mahogany color embraces this lightly... 1791 USA
Charles IV 8 Reales 1791 FM. EF. 1791 Mexico
2 OZ silver round, looks like the 1792 disme design, big coin/round. 1792 USA
Fake portrait 8 reales. Weighs in right,but they still got it wrong. :) 1792 Mexico
Spanish 8 reales, Mexico City Mint 1792 Mexico
1792 Mexican 8Reales NGC AU-53 1792 Mexico
Fantastic Contemporary Counterfeit 1792 8 Reales. Second known example of this year Brass Alloy... 1792 Mexico
FLOWING HAIR LARGE CENT - Wreath Reverse. Vine & Bars Edge. Minted: 1793. Mintage: 63,353.... 1793 USA
1793 FLOWING HAIR LARGE CENT (Chain Reverse) (S-3, R.3., America) Appearance of a finer grade... 1793 USA
1793 Real King of Spain & the Indies around crown & shield with collums Charles IV 1788-1808... 1793 Mexico
1793 One real Mexico Mint Metal Detector Find 1793 Mexico
Liberty 1793 1793 USA
Great coin from Usa: the 1794 Half Cent in Fine. 1794 USA