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KM-24, 1938 British West Africa 2 shillings, Heaton mint (H mintmark); nickel-brass, security... 1938 British West Africa
KM-11b, 1924 British West Africa 6 pence, Royal Mint (no mint mark); tin-brass, reeded edge;... 1924 British West Africa
KM-9, 1926 British West Africa penny, Royal Mint; copper nickel, holed flan, plain edge; George... 1926 British West Africa
KM-12a, 1926 British West Africa shilling, Royal Mint (no mint mark); tin-brass, reeded edge;... 1926 British West Africa
KM-12a, 1927 British West Africa shilling, Royal mint (no mint mark); tin-brass, reeded edge;... 1927 British West Africa
KM-88, 1980 South Africa rand; proof, silver, reeded edge; classical springbok, issued with mint... 1980 South Africa
Y-51, AH1371 Morocco 50 francs, Paris mint; aluminum-bronze, plain edge; Mohammed V, 1-year type,... 1371 Morocco
Egypt 1 pound. 1978, 50th Anniversary of Ain Shams University. Ag 720. Weight; 15g. Mintage:... 1978 Egypt
South Africa 2020 Silver Krugerrand. 2020 South Africa
Seychelles 1990 PM 10 Cents. 1990 Seychelles
East Africa & Uganda 1913 25 Cents. 1913 East Africa
British West Africa 1952 1/2 Penny. 1952 British West Africa
South Africa 20 cents. 1981 1981 South Africa
KM-28.4, 1946 East Africa shilling, Pretoria (South Africa) mint (SA mintmark), silver, reeded... 1946 East Africa
KM-493, AH1400 (1979) Egypt pound; proof, silver, reeded edge; 1400th Anniversary of the Hijra... 1979 Egypt
KM-539, AH1402 (1982) Egypt pound; silver, reeded edge; 50'th anniversary of the Efypt Air... 1982 Egypt
KM-52, 1958 South Africa (Dominion) 5 shillings; silver, reeded edge; Elizabeth II, proof-like or... 1958 South Africa
South Africa 2 rand. 2019, Right to education 1994-2019. 2019 South Africa
Zimbabwe 25 dollars. 2003 2003 Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe 10 dollars. 2003 2003 Zimbabwe