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KM-2, 1961 Malaya and British Borneo 10 cents, Royal Mint (no mint mark); copper-nickel, reeded... 1961 Malaysia
India 1974 10 Rupees. F.A.O. Bombay Mint. 1974 India
KM-3, 1957 Malaya and British Borneo 20 cents, Heaton mint (H mint mark); copper-nickel, reeded... 1957 Malaysia
KM-2, 1957 Malaya and British Borneo 10 cents, Kings Norton mint (KN mint mark); copper-nickel,... 1957 Malaysia
China Tibet 1904 - 1912 (ND) quarter rupee. Ex-jewellery. Very low mintage of estimate 120,000.... 1904 China
China Sinkiang Province 1931 (ND) 20 cash. Seems to be somewhat uncommon. Rotated die error.... 1931 China
China Szechuan Province 1926 50 cash. For some reason mintage of this coin is very low of 90,000... 1926 China
Hong Kong 1866 half dollar. Pretty uncommon these days. Very low mintage of 59,000 (with 1867... 1866 Hong Kong
KM-557.1, 1942 British India rupee, Bombay mint (dot mint mark); silver, security reeded edge;... 1942 India
KM-11, 1956 Pakistan pie; bronze, plain edge; second post-independence type, one of the more... 1956 Pakistan
KM-2, 1953 South Vietnam 20 Su, Paris mint; aluminum, plain edge; South Vietnam coinage, bright... 1953 Vietnam
China - Taiwan Province 1893-94 (ND) 7.2 candareens. Scratched however quite scarce in any... 1893 China
KM-316, 1920 Netherlands East Indies 2 1/2 cents; bronze, plain edge; Wilhelmina I, nice darker... 1920 Indonesia
KM-35, 1972 Hong Kong dollar; copper-nickel, reeded edge; Elizabeth II, British possession... 1974 Hong Kong
KM-6, 1945 Malaya cent; bronze, square flan, plain edge; George VI, brown very fine, dirty and a... 1945 Malaysia
KM-7, 1948 Malaya 5 cents; copper-nickel, reeded edge; George VI issue, average uncirculated,... 1948 Malaysia
KM-34, 1972 Hong Kong 50 cents; copper-nickel, reeded edge; Elizabeth II, decent uncirculated,... 1972 Hong Kong
5 Indian rupee 2013 India
KM-183, 1945 Philippines (US-Philippines Commonwealth) 50 centavos, San Francisco mint (S mint... 1945 Philippines
KM-31.1, 1960 Hong Kong dollar, Heaton mint (H mint mark); copper-nickel, reeded security edge;... 1960 Hong Kong