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KM-77, 1953 Portuguese Angola 2 1/2 escudos; copper-nickel, reeded edge; colonial issue, very... 1953 Angola
KM-71.1, 1965 South Africa (Republic) rand; proof, silver, reeded edge; early Republican... 1965 South Africa
KM-70.1, 1966 South Africa (Republic) 50 cents; proof, nickel, plain edge; English legend, Van... 1966 South Africa
St. Helena N.D. (1821) 1/2 Penny currency token. Solomon Dickson & Taylor. 0 Saint Helena
Rhodesia & Nyasaland 1956 1 Shilling. 1956 Rhodesia
KM-3, 1909 British West Africa 1/10 penny, Royal Mint (no mint mark); copper-nickel, holed flan,... 1909 British West Africa
KM-9, 1919 British West Africa penny, Kings Norton mint (KN mint mark); copper-nickel, holed... 1919 British West Africa
KM-67.2, 1967 South Africa (Republic) 5 cents; nickel, plain edge; Afrikaans legend, Van der... 1967 South Africa
KM-23, 1947 British West Africa shilling, Heaton mint (H mint mark); nickel-brass, security... 1947 British West Africa
KM-30, 1996 Malawi 50 tambala; brass plated steel, 7-sized flan, plain edge; decent uncirculated. 1996 Malawi
KM-26, 1990 Tanzania 50 senti; nickel clad steel, reeded edge; circulation coinage, average... 1990 Tanzania
KM-24, 1936 East Africa 10 cents, King Norton mint (KN mint mark); bronze, holed flan, plain... 1936 East Africa
KM-8, 1935 British West Africa 1/2 penny; copper nickel, holed flan, plain edge; George V, good... 1935 British West Africa
KM-16.2, 1934 South Africa (Dominion) 6 pence; silver, reeded edge; George V, nice extra fine... 1934 South Africa
KM-84, 1989 South Africa 5 cents; proo, nickel, plain edge; last of the old style 5 cents, key... 1989 South Africa
1 £ - Egyptian pound 2020 Egypt
KM-732, AH1413 (1992) Egypt 10 piastres; aluminum-bronze, plain edge; Mosque of Mohamed Ali,... 1413 Egypt
KM-94, 1964 Algeria (Republic) centimes aluminum, plain edge; first independent Republic coinage,... 1964 Algeria
South Africa 1950 6 Pence. 1950 South Africa
KM-1, 1899 East Africa (Protectorate) pice; bronze, plain edge; Victoria, last of the 3 year... 1899 East Africa