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Y#28, 1936 Venezuela 12 1/2 centimos; copper-nickel, plain edge; good very fine, some toning. 1936 Venezuela
Y#35, 1954 Venezuela 25 centimos, Philadelphia (US) mint; silver, reeded edge; one year type,... 1954 Venezuela
KM-203, 1908 Peru 1/2 sol, LIMA mint (LIMA mint mark), F.G. essayer; silver, reeded edge; 1907/7... 1908 Peru
Colombia 1872 1 peso, Bogota mint. Struck in gold. Low mintage? Weight: 1.50g. 1872 Colombia
KM-469, 1864 Brazil 200 reis; silver, reeded edge; Pedro II, uncirculated or almost details... 1864 Brazil
KM-275a, 1954 Colombia centavo, Bogota mint (B mint mark); nickel clad stainless steel, plain... 1954 Colombia
KM-275, 1938 Colombia centavo, Philadelphia mint; copper-nickel, plain edge; Liberty head type,... 1938 Colombia
KM-167.1, 1924 Chile 20 centavos; copper-nickel, plain edge; common circulation issue,... 1924 Chile
KM-465, 1853 Brazil (Empire) 1000 reis; silver, reeded edge; Pedro II, first year of the type,... 1853 Brazil
KM-492, 1896 Brazil (Republic) 100 reis; copper nickel, plain edge; first Republican type, well... 1896 Brazil
KM-518, 1919 Brazil 100 reis; copper-nickel, plain edge; toned and a bit dirty good very fine or so. 1919 Brazil
KM-506, 1906 Brazil 500 reis; silver, reeded edge; first year of the Liberty type, fine or about. 1906 Brazil
KM-174.1, 1918 Bolivia 10 centavos; copper-nickel, plain edge; smaller mintage year, extra fine... 1918 Bolivia
KM-174.3, 1909 Bolivia 10 centavos, Paris mint (torch privy mark); copper-nickel, plain edge;... 1909 Bolivia
KM-275a, 1958 Colombia centavo; nickel clad steel, plain edge; average uncirculated, a bit dirty. 1958 Colombia
KM-253, 1978 Colombia 10 centavos; nickel clad steel, reeded edge; long 7 in date, almost... 1978 Colombia
KM-236, 1969 Colombia 10 centavos; nickel-clad steel, reeded edge; second type, with interrupted... 1969 Colombia
KM-226, 1969 Colombia 10 centavos; nickel-clad steel, reeded edge; first type, with continuous... 1949 Colombia
KM-31, 1943 Uruguay 50 centesimos, Santiago mint (So mint mark); silver, reeded; 1-year type,... 1943 Uruguay
KM-30, 1942 Uruguay peso, Santiago mint (So mint mark); silver, reeded edge; 1-year type with... 1942 Uruguay