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Left: Re-cut more slanted 5 in the date (CA35C). Right: Regular 5 in the date. 1935 Mexico
KM-438, 1935 Mexico 20 centavos; silver, reeded edge; a bit dirty very fine or about. 1935 Mexico
KM-440, 1963 Mexico 20 centavos; bronze, plain edge; common and nice bright red uncirculated. 1963 Mexico
Canada 1 cent. 1918 1918 Canada
Mexico 1 centavo. 1942 1942 Mexico
Canada 5 cents. 1989 1989 Canada
KM-90a, 1894 United States of America cent; bronze, plain edge; Indian cent, average circulated,... 1894 USA
Canada 1 dollar. 1985 1985 Canada
KM-62.2, 1850 United States of America half dime (5 cents), Philadelphia mint (no mint mark);... 1850 USA
1955 D Lincoln wheat cent 1955 USA
KM-5, 1892 Canada 25 cents; silver, reeded edge; late Victoria, fine or about. 1892 Canada
KM-455, 1938 Mexico peso, Mexico mint (M mint mark); silver, lettered edge; common, good extra fine. 1938 Mexico
KM-428, 1914 Mexico 10 centavos; silver, reeded edge; last year of the type, brilliant uncirculated. 1914 Mexico
KM-1, 1859 Canada cent; bronze, plain edge; Victoria, early Confederation coinage, good very fine... 1859 Canada
KM-4, 1896 Newfoundland 20 cents; silver, reeded edge; Victoria, appears to be Obv.1 large (tall)... 1896 Canada
1998 Mexico 10 Pesos Coin On one side the National Arms (Eagle on cactus facing left with snake... 1998 Mexico
MEXICO 5 PESOS COIN 1993 EAGLE AND SNAKE In the center of the coin to the left, the symbol "N$",... 1993 Mexico
MEXICO 2 PESOS COIN 2002 2002 Mexico
MEXICO 50 CENTAVOS COIN 2003 EAGLE & RATTLE Obverse: The national emblem of Mexico depicting a... 2003 Mexico
2002 Mexican 1 Peso Coin Obverse: The national emblem of Mexico depicting a Mexican golden... 2002 Mexico