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Japan 1964 1000 yen. An extremely high denomination silver crown that is minted way over it's... 1964 Japan
1862 India 1/12 Anna 1862 India
Issued for Hyderabad: 1 Rupee in 0.818 silver. Year AH 1328/43 1910 India
30% offset brockage of a machine trial piece for an Afghanistan 5-Rupees, undated, bronze, 38.7... 1890 Afghanistan
HONG KONG FIVE DOLLARS, QES, 10-side(decagon) Shape with Plain Edge, Cupro-nickel, 31mm, 2mm,... 1978 Hong Kong
Hong Kong Five Dollars, QES. Copper-Nickel, Reeded Security Edge with Raised Chinese and English... 1988 Hong Kong
silver 1 kyat from Burma. Nice peacock. 1852 Myanmar
Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), Emperor Wan Li (translate: Ten thousand calendars), Temple name: Shen... 1573 China
Zhi Zheng Tong Bao (至正通寶), Reverse:Mongol script "午 (1354)", 30mm, 2mm, 10g., Gilt,... 1354 China
pakistan ancient copper coin dia 20mm,thickness 3.44mm 0 Pakistan
Bangladesh, 50 poisha, 1998, Steel, Floating Lotus.... 1998 Bangladesh
Pakistan, 5 Rupees, 2002 2002 Pakistan
Bhutan, 1/2 rupee, 1950, Ni.... 1950 Bhutan
Mongolia, 5 mongo 1945. 1945 Mongolia
Taiwan, 1 yuan 1981. Chiang Kai-shek. 1981 Taiwan
1 Tyjyn 2008, Special collector's issue 2008 Kyrgyzstan
1907 Philippines Ten Centavos (Silver) 1907 Philippines
It's difficult to decide whether this French Indo-China silver Piastre should be classified as... 1900 Vietnam
issued for Irian Barat : 25 sen in aluminum. Obverse: head of President Sukarno 1962 Indonesia
1899 China's Ching Dynasty Kuang Hsu Yuan Pao Silver Coin 7 MACE 2 CANDAREENS minted by Pei Yang... 1899 China