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Rhodes AR Hemidrachm, c. 1st century BCE. -100 Greece
silver denarius of the Sequani tribe from the Besancon area of France. This coin was minted circa... -100 France
Silver drachm of the Volcae (Volques) Tectosages, a tribe from the area of Toulouse. -100 France
Syria Seleukid Kingdom Philip I Philadelphos (93 -83 B.C.) Silver Tetradrachm. 14.9 grams, 27mm.... -93 Greece
90 BC Roman Republic silver denarius. Obverse shows Mutinus Titinus (Priapus)with winged diadem.... -90 Italy
Silver denarius. C VIBIVS CF PANSA Denarius. 90 BC. PANSA, laureate head of Apollo right/... -90 Italy
Denar - Apollo laureate head -90 Roman Empire
Denar - Mars -88 Roman Empire
C. Valerius Flaccus denier, Massalia mint. -82 Roman Empire
Celtiberian bronze of Ilerda. Beardless male right on obverse. Wolf right on reverse with... -80 Spain
Widow's Mite, lepton of Alexander Jannaeus was still in use in Jesus' time, smallest denomination... -80 Greece
Potin a la tete chauve et nez longue (bald head and long nose)of the Leuci tribe from Northern... -80 France
Silver denier (circa 80 -50 bc) of the Aedui, a celtic tribe from the Lyon area of France. -80 France
silver denier of the Allobroges, a celtic tribe in France whose territory was centred in the... -75 France
Obv: Bust of King Tatius right. A below chin, S C before bust, SABINVS behind. Rev: Figure... -70 Roman Empire
Denar - Obverse: Apollo. Reverse: Urania -66 Roman Empire
silver quinarius of the Sequani tribe from the Besancon area of France. This small coin minted... -65 France
Pictones Tribe. Quinarius. Obv: Diademed female bust left. Rev: Standing, facing warrior with a... -55 France
-55 France
Celtic Tasciovanus Unit fraction. Degraded head Horse & Rider(with lassoo??) -50 United Kingdom
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