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I am interested in coins from USA,Canada,and Great Britain.I also dabble in ancient coins, I am always looking to buy or trade.

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1857 Cent 1857 USA
1946 Farthing RB 1946 United Kingdom
1945 Cent Ceylon RB 1945 Sri Lanka
1911 Cent Canada RedBrown AU 1911 Canada
1904 Penny GB 1904 United Kingdom
1897 Penny GB Red Brown Au or Ef by european standards 1897 United Kingdom
1840 Rupee East India Company .917 Silver 1840 India
1907B 1franc 1907 Switzerland
Trajan Decius AR Antoninianus obv:radiate,draped,curiased bust right rev:Decius on horse,raised... 249 Roman Empire
Severus Alexander Denarius 222-228 obv:laureate,draped bust right rev:Mars standing left,... 223 Roman Empire
Gallienus AE Antoninianus 250-268AD obv:radiate right rev:holding purse, cornucopia epsilon to... 250 Roman Empire
Fabia 14 102BC Denarius obv:Cybele right rev:Biga right, stork,victory in biga-M-control mark... 102 Roman Empire
Marcus Aurelius Denarius 161-180AD obv:Aurelius as caesar rev:Felicitas standing left, holding... 161 Roman Empire
Diocletian 284-305 AE Antoninianus obv:Radiate bust right rev:Emp. recieving victory on globe... 300 Roman Empire
Matthias the Raven 1458-1490 Denar 1458 Hungary
Constantine the Great 307-337 obv:Helmeted bust right curiassed rev:two captives seated under... 307 Roman Empire
1774 two real Mexico mint -slight bend at top- 1774 Mexico
AlfonsoI of Aragon 1109-1126 Toledo Dinero 1109 Spain
Caracalla AR Denarius obv:Laureate right rev:Annona seated left holding corn ears over modius... 212 Roman Empire
Caracalla AR Denarius 198-217AD Obv:Laureate right rev:PAX left holding olive branch and scepter 215 Roman Empire
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