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I am interested in coins from USA,Canada,and Great Britain.I also dabble in ancient coins, I am always looking to buy or trade.

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william IIII 3d 1834 United Kingdom
1806 farthing 1806 United Kingdom
George II 6d 1758 United Kingdom
1955 D 1955 USA
Bicentennial half 1976 USA
1935 USA
small date 1960 USA
SLQ 1930 USA
336-323BC Drachm AR Obv-Heracles right Rev-Zeus seated leftholding scepter and eagle 336 Greece
Obv:Laureate right Rev:Victory left with wreath and palm Faulted planchet 210 Roman Empire
Toned Indian Cent 1907 USA
Red Unc 1900 USA
1889 Indian Cent Brown Unc 1889 USA
1858 USA
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