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1672 farthing, VF with planchet flaws, and struck with a worn die.. the loop on the 2 is joined... 1672 United Kingdom
odd object, possibly related to the jubilee crowns of 1977 (SJ 25 ER AND 77) 1977 Exonumia Europe
a fantastic Hanns Kravwinckel jeton with reverse legend GOTTES GABEN SOL MAN LOB also with a... 1586 Exonumia Europe
1787 zelandia cent plenty of detail in places. 1787 Netherlands
a very nice small date 1858 farthing, a VERY RARE!!! type in a very nice condition. from Colin... 1858 United Kingdom
binghamton railway co, 1 fare token, made between 1901 and 1930 1930 Exonumia North America
Nuremberg Jeton of Hans Krauwinkel II made between 1586 and 1635 1586 Exonumia Europe
1651, spanish copper coin, hard to idnetfiy, has the number 8 on both sides, one in roman... 1651 Spain
1950 Stephens Grochen, these coins were minted by the Austrian mint for sale in St Stephens... 1950 Austria
1882 (H?) penny from jamaica, pretty worn but only 48,000 minted 1882 Jamaica
KARL W MULLER TOKEN, unknown date 0 Exonumia Europe
1 denier made between 1148-96, BELLA III hungarian hammered coin, EF but with piece missing, coin... 1148 Hungary
1944 2 piastres, VF sadly marked on obverse 1944 Egypt
1921 1 cent, F grade but polished 2,500,000 minted 1928 Sri Lanka
unknown date VF 7.2 kandareens, small coin with silver weight listed,i think it is a 10 cent 1889 China
timer token 003 EF 0 Exonumia Europe
1928 halfpenny, average grade. 1928 South Africa
29th year of kuang hsu chinese dollar, signs of old lettering on the bottom of reverse 1903 China
1935 German Badge REICHSPARTEITAG 1935, Made by C. Balmberger Nuremburg 1935 Exonumia Europe
partial lustre rest is toned, hardly a mark on the coin but to be safe i will say its not UNC 1861 United Kingdom
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