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Bronze coin of the Pictones with Contovtos legend. -40 France
Stack's auction house store card. 1985 Exonumia North America
Aluminum - Norway -Norway's King Haakon Coronation Medal. Trondheim Cathedral on the reverse.... 1906 Exonumia Europe
Moise State Seal so-called dollar for the 1894 California Midwinter Internal Exposition, Brass. 1894 Exonumia North America
1955 Exonumia North America
Petillus Capitolinus denarius, Roman Republic. Obv: Eagle on thunderbolt. Above PETILLIVS AND... -43 Italy
Saxony notgeld, 20 mark, Meissen porcelain. 1921 Germany
John Ecklund drink token, Portland, Oregon. Aluminum 1900 Exonumia North America
PIXTILOS coin of Gaul. The bird appears to be eating an unknown berry (perhaps olives?). -35 France
1906 San Francisco Earthquake medal. 1906 Exonumia North America
Bryan money made in Worchester, MA. 1896 Exonumia North America
Worcester's Celebration of Massachusetts Bay Tercentenary. 1930 Exonumia North America
GAR 20th Annual Encampment medal. 1886 Exonumia North America
McKinley Assassination medal. 1901 Exonumia North America
International Exhibition in London. 1862 Exonumia Europe
Brass souvenir badge, California Midwinter International Exposition. 1894 Exonumia North America
Liberty Bell / Lord's Prayer token sold at the Columbian Exposition. 1893 Exonumia North America
Charles the Bald Denier, Courcessin [Courgeon (Orne)] 870 France
Portola Festival Badge 1913 Exonumia North America
Celtiberian bronze of Ilerda. Beardless male right on obverse. Wolf right on reverse with... -80 Spain
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