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Pixtilos Class II. Wolf and Lizard. -35 France
C.A. Klinkner store card. San Francisco 1893 Exonumia North America
Portland, Oregon advertising token 1950 Exonumia North America
Bronze coin of the Carnutes region. PIXTILOS Class VIII with Eagle and Temple reverse. -35 France
Postumus, denarius. Obv: Bust of Postumus facing right. IMP C POSTVMVS PF AVG Rev: Hercules in a... 265 Roman Empire
ANA convention token. 1948 Exonumia North America
Denier of Odo (Eudes), king of France. Blois 890 France
Golden Gate International Exposition souvenir medal. 1939 Exonumia North America
Obv: Abstract head facing right. Rev: Cross and + ROB'DE CELE Denier of Celles. 1184 France
Karl Goetz bronze medal, the sinking of the Lusitania. 1915 Exonumia Europe
-55 France
French jeton, copper Obv: Arms of France and crown enclosed in double collar, NIL NISI CONSILIO... 1654 Exonumia Europe
NSGW medal for returning veterans. 1899 Exonumia North America
Orichaclum Semis issued for the quinquennial games. Obv: Bust of Nero left, IMP NERO CAESAR AVG... 66 Roman Empire
Obv: Bust of Minerva (?) left, with Celtic neck torc, PIXTILOS. Rev: Lion left, geometic designs... -35 France
Celt-Iberian Castulo Bull. 1st Century B.C. Semis. -100 Spain
Clark and Wilson Lumber Co., Prescott, Oregon, $1 token. 1940 Exonumia North America
Prototype for the 1999 Exhibitors and Judges medal from the Gallery Mint. 1999 Exonumia North America
Cammall Badge Co. generic souvenir medal, Massachusetts Bay Tercentenary. 1930 Exonumia North America
Satirical half penny jeton from Great Britian, struck from degenerated dies. 1794 Exonumia Europe
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