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THANK YOU FOR LOOKING AT (THE WORKING COIN COLLECTION). Helpful site for USA coins( I want to put My U.S.A. coins for all our friends around the WORLD.

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5 Para (Copper-Zinc) : 1965-1981 Obverse: Six torches in center as one, wheat stalks around and... 1965 Yugoslavia
Bolivia km182a.1 50 Centavos (1942) 1942 Bolivia
Obverse; Shield, CENTRAL BANK OF THE PHILIPPINES Reverse; Man seated right, volcano in... 1958 Philippines
THOMAS JEFFERSON FIVE CENTS. 1985D-Mintmark: Small D (for Denver, Colorado) below the date on the... 1985 USA
WASHINGTON QUARTER DOLLAR, 25 Cents. 1995D-Mintmark: D (for Denver, CO) on the obverse just right... 1995 USA
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Dime, 10 Cents. 1992P-Mintmark: P (for Philadelphia, PA) above the date 1992 USA
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Dime. 10 Cents 1994P-Mintmark: P (for Philadelphia, PA) above the date 1994 USA
Dominican Republic km43 25 Centavos (1976) Centennial 1976 Dominican Republic
WASHINGTON QUARTER DOLLAR, 25 Cents. 1997P-Mintmark: P (for Philadelphia, PA) on the obverse just... 1997 USA
LINCOLN CENTS, MEMORIAL REVERSE, 1994 ONE CENT, Mintmark: None (for Philadelphia, PA) below the... 1994 USA
Rim Cud, Argentina km46 5 Centavos (1951-1953) 1951 Argentina
10 Dinara (Copper-Nickel) : 1982-1988 Obverse; Six torches in center as one, wheat stalks around... 1984 Yugoslavia
km#24a 1 Paisa (1965-1966) ni-brass 1966 Pakistan
50 Lire (Stainless Steel) : 1954-1989 Obverse: Wreathed head right, REPVBBLICA ITALIANA... 1977 Italy
1 Cent (1952-1968) Obverse; Crowned lion rampant left holding sword, NEDERLANDSE ANTILLEN date... 1967 Netherlands Antilles
km#11 1 Pie (1951-1957) 1956 Pakistan
India Republic km9 1 Paisa (1964) Obverse; National Emblem of India, four lions standing back to... 1964 India
Taiwan 1 Chiao (1967-1974)Year 59 or Year 1970 1970 Taiwan
50 Lepta. Issue date: 1971, 1973 Type A Obverse: Soldier in front of Phoenix, denomination and... 1973 Greece
Costa Rica km184.2 5 Centimos (1953-1967) 1958 Costa Rica