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most of my foreign coins are from other people, who bring back a few coins for me when they travel. Vicarious way to travel. Coins from over 90 countries now. (was 50 when I started on Omni)

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North & South Dakota, 39th & 40th states. North Dakota gives us two buffalo with the badlands... 2006 USA
Nebraska & Colorado, 37th & 38th states. Nebraska depicts one of the famous landmarks along... 2006 USA
Nevada, 36th state. Home to over 50% of the country's wild horses, also depicts the sun rising... 2006 USA
2005 USA
Minnesota & Oregon, 32nd & 33rd states. Minnesota depicts an outline of the state, a loon and... 2005 USA
California, 31st state. The USA's gradual statehood expansion suddenly takes a jump to the west... 2005 USA
Iowa & Wisconsin, 29th & 30th states. Iowa, based on 'Arbor Day', a painting by Grant Wood,... 2004 USA
Florida & Texas, 27th & 28th states, and the two southernmost states on the continental US.... 2004 USA
Michigan, 26th state. The only state that also bears the name of one of the great lakes, depicts... 2004 USA
2003 USA
Alabama & Maine. 22nd and 23rd states. Alabama honors famous native Helen Keller which... 2003 USA
Illinois, 21st state. depicting an outline of the state, a young Abraham Lincoln, Chicago... 2003 USA
Indiana, 19th state. Showing an outline of the state, an Indy race car, and 19 stars.... 2002 USA
Louisiana, 18th state. Outline of the United States highlighting the vast land acquired in the... 2002 USA
Ohio, 17th state. Inventors of the airplane (Wright Brothers, Wilbur actually born in Indiana),... 2002 USA
Tennessee, 16th state. Famous for three styles of music. ''The fiddle represents the Appalachian... 2002 USA
Vermont, 14th state, and first one after the original 13. Featuring collecting syrup from maple... 2001 USA
2001 USA
New York, 11th state, depicting the Statue of Liberty, and outline of the state including the... 2001 USA
New Hampshire, 9th state. Depicting a famous natural formation that crumbled recently, state... 2000 USA