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most of my foreign coins are from other people, who bring back a few coins for me when they travel. Vicarious way to travel. Coins from over 90 countries now. (was 50 when I started on Omni)

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1/2 franc, Ni, 19 mm 1996 France
20 centimes (Al-bronze), 24 mm 1984 France
5 Pennia, Cu, 18 mm 1972 Finland
5 centavos, 21 mm 2001 Brazil
20 Feninga, 21 mm 1998 Bosnia
20 franc, Bronze, 25.5 mm 1981 Belgium
pre-Euro 50 pence, with Irish harp on front and Woodcock on reverse. Cu-Ni, 30 mm 1996 Ireland
1 pence,with harp and exotic bird from an ornamental detail in the book of Kells, Bronze, (the... 1988 Ireland
double overstrike on rim of John Tyler dollar coin. The P and the first star are both over the 9... 2009 USA
Sacajawea Dollar (now called native American dollar), they put the date and moto on rim this... 2009 USA
25 centavos, with ox drawn cart, 24 mm (same size as US quarter) 1989 Dominican Republic
25 cents, with the White-tailed Tropicbird (or Longtail), 24 mm (same size as US quarter) 2004 Bermuda
smaller version of their old 1 cent coin, and no more image of the Queen. 19mm 1997 Bahamas
B-2 bomber 20th anniversary of 1st flight commemorative, 46 mm 2009 Exonumia North America
Lincoln 200th anniversary, and 100th anniv. of Lincoln cent 2009 USA
1 Pfennig, 1st year of Federal Republic coinage, Bronze-Steel, 16 mm 1950 Germany
1 cent, with hummingbird, 17.5 mm 1977 Trinidad and Tobago
1 Sen, 18 mm 1967 Malaysia
1 Farthing, 20 mm 1952 Jamaica
2 Centavos, reverse with soy bean plant?, and words translated to "food for the world", 19 mm, steel 1975 Brazil