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most of my foreign coins are from other people, who bring back a few coins for me when they travel. Vicarious way to travel. Coins from over 90 countries now. (was 50 when I started on Omni)

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5 Pence, featuring a crowned thistle (formally, The Badge of Scotland), 18 mm, Cu-Ni (ref.... 1990 United Kingdom
5 dollars, beautiful image of the maple leaf on the rev, silver bullion coin 2010 Canada
25 cents, 50th anniversary of crowing of Elizabeth II 2002 Canada
50 korun, showing loss of luster with use (compare to my other version of this coin), 27.5 mm 1993 Czech Republic
10 korun, featuring, Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul in Brno (rev) and silver double-tailed lion... 2009 Czech Republic
2 korun,featuring a Great Moravian button-jewel, lightly faceted 11 sides, 21 mm, Ni plated steel... 2008 Czech Republic
20 cent piece. minted only three years, and only 1 year with any significant quantity. 22mm, Ag 1875 USA
Capped Bust type 10 cent piece. Minted 1809-1837. 19mm, Ag 1832 USA
2 Reals, with eagle national symbol. Rev. with the Phrygian cap, used to symbolize liberty esp.... 1825 Mexico
25 cents. kept same image of Sir Francis Drakes’ ship, the Golden Hind as used when known as... 2002 East Caribbean St.
ten cents, with Bermuda (Easter) lily. Cu-Ni, 18mm 1994 Bermuda
Abraham Lincoln, 16th presidential dollar coin. 26.5 mm, Manganese-Brass (Cu, Zn, Mn, Ni) 2010 USA
James Buchanan, 15th Presidential dollar coin. Presided over a deteriorating union and the only... 2010 USA
Franklin Pierce, 14th presidential dollar coin. 26.5 mm, Manganese-Brass (Cu, Zn, Mn, Ni) 2010 USA
Liberty Head/Morgan Dollar, Orleans mint, 38.1 mm, Ag 1900 USA
Liberty Head/Morgan Dollar, nice condition, 38.1 mm, Ag 1883 USA
Liberty Head/Morgan Dollar, First year of issue, San Francisco mint, 38.1 mm, Ag 1878 USA
Millard Filmore $1 presidential coin. Rose from a log cabin to wealth and the White House.... 2010 USA
2009 US Mint 36 coin Uncirculated set. New record for number of coins in a single US mint set? 2009 USA
double strike mint mark? Hard to tell, but looks like a D over D. (see insert) 1987 USA
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