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most of my foreign coins are from other people, who bring back a few coins for me when they travel. Vicarious way to travel. Coins from over 90 countries now. (was 50 when I started on Omni)

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Richard M. Nixon, 37th president, $1 coin series. Ended US involvement in Vietnam. He is the only... 2016 USA
Fort Moultrie (Sumter National Monument), South Carolina. America the Beautiful State Quarters... 2016 USA
Theodore Roosevelt National Park, ND, America the Beautiful Quarters Program. Depicts a young... 2016 USA
Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, WV, America the Beautiful Quarters series. The design... 2016 USA
Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, KY, America the Beautiful Quarters series. The design... 2016 USA
The Shawnee National Forest, IL, America the Beautiful Quarters series. The design depicts a... 2016 USA
Pidyon Haben coin for the redemption of the first-born son. 10 Lirot.(Jewish year 5732). 37 mm,... 1972 Israel
10 Pfennig. German Democratic Republic (East Germany). State emblem (hammer and a compass,... 1982 Germany
1 Franc, Dutch wording, older version of my other coin. With Obverse of Laureated head or 'Head... 1952 Belgium
Unique edge of 5 dollar coin. Lettering saying HONG KONG FIVE DOLLARS 香 港 伍 圓 (ref.... 1993 Hong Kong
5 Dollars, with Bauhinia flower. 27mm, Cu-Ni. 1993 Hong Kong
American Silver Eagle (Walking Liberty) 1 Dollar Bullion Coin. 40.5 mm 2010 USA
Polar Bear 1.5 oz silver bullion coin. Same diameter as the 1oz coins (38mm), but much thicker... 2013 Canada
Red-tailed hawk, Birds of Prey series silver bullion coin. 5 dollars, 1oz, 38mm 2015 Canada
1/4 Balboa. Slightly different design from the 1970s version. Cu-Ni Clad Cu, 24mm (ref.... 2008 Panama
5 Cents. With the "Golden Hind", ship of Sir Francis Drake. Nickel-brass, 21mm. 1965 East Caribbean St.
Saratoga NY, America the Beautiful Quarters series. Site of the surrender of a British general,... 2015 USA
Bombay Hook Wildlife Refuge, DE. "host to hundreds of thousands of migrating ducks, geese,... 2015 USA
Blue Ridge Parkway, NC. Spans 469 miles through Virginia and North Carolina. With the NC state... 2015 USA
Kisatchie National Forest, LA. America the beautiful quarters series. "features a wild turkey in... 2015 USA
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