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most of my foreign coins are from other people, who bring back a few coins for me when they travel. Vicarious way to travel. Coins from over 90 countries now. (was 50 when I started on Omni)

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El Yunque, Puerto Rico national parks quarter series. "The reverse design depicts a Coqui tree... 2012 USA
Native American dollar series. "reverse features a Native American and horse in profile with... 2012 USA
Grover Cleveland's 2nd term (24th president). 2012 USA
Benjamin Harrison, 23rd President. Grandson of former President William Henry Harrison. Signed... 2012 USA
Grover Cleveland 22nd President. "The first Democratic candidate elected after the Civil War,... 2012 USA
Chester Arthur, 21st President in the dollar series. He became a champion of civil service... 2012 USA
Mountain Lion, 2012 Canada Wildlife series bullion coin ($5). Ag 2012 Canada
1 oz American Buffalo bullion coin. Ag 2012 Exonumia North America
Vienna Philharmonic 1 oz bullion coin (1.5 Euro). Ag 2012 Austria
King George, old Canadian 25 cent piece found in circulation. Worn very thin, date approximate, Ag 1920 Canada
Silver to Nickel in same year, part 2. Images of reverse of 10 cent pieces from 1968, one of... 1968 Canada
Silver to Nickel in same year. Two images of 10 cent piece from 1968, one of 50% Silver, the... 1968 Canada
10 cents, featuring 4th portrait of Queen Elizabeth. Reverse features the Bluenose, a Canadian... 2008 Canada
first 2012 coin found in circulation. 1 cent. looks like the shield on the reverse is... 2012 USA
1 Krona, with Gustaf VI Adolf. Son found in circulation, slightly larger than US quarter, 25 mm,... 1972 Sweden
2 Euro cent, with Queen Beatrix, found in change, same size as US 1 cent coin. 19 mm,... 2002 Netherlands
1 Franc, French wording, with Obverse of Laureated head or 'Head of Ceres'... 1963 Belgium
25 Pesetas, Francisco Franco, Coat of arms with the "francoist" eagle. 1957-70, 26.5 mm, Cu-Ni... 1957 Spain
1 Peseta, Juan Carlos, 1975-77, 21 mm, Al-Bronze 1975 Spain
1 Peseta, Francisco Franco, 2nd portrait. 1966-75 21mm, Al-Bronze 1966 Spain
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