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very hard to find such a beautiful one just like this~~~from a famous auction of US. 1857 Uruguay
very old coin bought from a famous seller from Italian 1350 Italy
double die,a rare type please see the K-book,VF-/F 1893 Guatemala
F=15USD,sold,1/26 1848 Netherlands
find in a lot of dirty coins 1824 Italy
An old fake ,but it looks so good,I think it used to plant silver on it! 1805 Germany
buy it for 50 cents 1921 Romania
1922 Latvia
2 of old coins 1924 Italy
Laos old coin dated 1952 and Afghanistan old coin ND 1700 Afghanistan
Norway and Sweden old coins 1900 Sweden
1914F,10PF 1914 Germany
50 years for FAO 1995 Sri Lanka
Benedict XIV(1740.8.17~1758.5.3),TB/B+,1748 1748 Vatican
UN over 10,an unusual 8 1891 Honduras
4 od North Song 's coins 1200 China
stuck at 1101 AD 1101 China
Kai-Yuan tong bao,Tang,713 to 741 AD 713 China
997 to 1022AD,Tian-Xi tong bao,North song 997 China
made in Iron or copper,Type I,960 to 1127AD 960 China
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