Retired/disabled vet who has lived abroad and collected for 30+ years, now live in the Philippines. I think i have the largest private collection of US-Phil Territorial coinage on the planet.

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This one rates about the same as the last one, but with only 2.2M minted. BOOK value in this... 1934 USA
Only 4M of these little buggers were minted. This one gets a VF. I've been looking for a better... 1932 USA
ANOTHER Low mintage of 1M, this coin is as good as i could find. Only a $6.coin with this low... 1928 USA
ALL of the Five centavos coins are VERY difficult to find in ANY grade above VG, due to the... 1927 USA
NOT for my 1918s mule small date reverse of the 20 centavos coin. This coin is the... 1918 USA
KEY...KEY...KEY!! Here IS the 1912s, in EF+ condition, and a mintage of LESS than 700,000...ALSO... 1912 USA
KEY...KEY...KEY!! This, and the 1912s Peso are the KEYS in the series, EXCEPT for the 1906, of... 1911 USA
This is a semi-key in the One Peso series with a mintage of just over 3M. How many survived in... 1910 USA
The 1909s Peso is a toughie to find in grades above VF+, and is a VASTLY underrated and... 1909 USA
You may ask why this coin is listed under USA, and not The Philippines? Because the Philippines... 1908 USA
This is a Very Pretty 1907s One Peso in AU condition. I have MANY of these in VF to AU. 1907 USA
This is a 1905s STRAIGHT SERIF variety. Near the end of the mintage year, a new dye was... 1905 USA
Another semi-key.This coin has more than double the mintage numbers of the 1903, and is MUCH... 1905 USA
This is a 1904s mint One Peso coin, and a semi-key. The 1904P is a semi-key with a mintage of... 1904 USA
This is a 1903s mint, in EF condition, and i have MANY available. FACT: When it was evident that... 1903 USA
A BRIEF HISTORY: These coins are an important part of American Coinage history, and are now... 1903 USA
These coins are Soooo much prettier than the scans show! This is the Silver Centennary 1864-1964... 1964 Philippines
1863-1963 Silver Centennary Issue of National Hero Andreas Bonafacio, in AU condition. Yes, i... 1963 Philippines
Same as the previous coin, but nicely toned! Also in EF+. 1967 Philippines
I also have a few of these, so two are available. This is the 25th Anniversary of Bataan Day,... 1967 Philippines
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