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KM-89, Belize 1982 5 dollars; copper nickel Franklin Mint (FM) Uncirculated (U), some toning... 1982 Belize
KM-88, 1982 Belize dollar, Franklin mint (F mint mark); copper-nickel, reeded edge, uncirculated... 1982 Belize
KM-16, 1919 British Honduras 5 cents; copper-nickel, plain edge; about uncirculated for wear, but... 1919 Belize
KM-32, 1961 British Honduras 10 cents; copper-nickel, reeded edge; uncirculated with few toning... 1961 Belize
KM-24, 1950 British Honduras cent; bronze, plain edge; orange red uncirculated, good grade,... 1950 Belize
KM-32, 1965 British Honduras 10 cents; copper-nickel, reeded edge; very nice uncirculated,... 1965 Belize
KM-35, 1974 Belize 10 cents; copper-nickel, reeded edge; Elizabeth II, first year of the type,... 1974 Belize
KM-20, 1902 Jamaica penny; copper-nickel, plain edge; Edward VII, 2-year type, small mintage of... 1902 Belize
KM-24, 1950 British Honduras cent; bronze, plain edge; brown extra fine to about uncirculated,... 1951 Belize
KM-30, 1961 British Honduras cent; bronze, scalloped plain edge; red uncirculated with some... 1961 Belize
KM-6, 1889 British Honduras penny; bronze, plain edge; NGC graded MS 63 BN, mintage 50,000 1889 Belize
KM-9, 1895 British Honduras 25 cents; silver, reeded edge; good very fine to about extra fine,... 1895 Belize
KM-38, 1974 Belize cent, Franklin mint; bronze, plain edge, matte finish; uncirculated with a... 1974 Belize
KM-33a, 1976 Belize cent; aluminum, scalloped plain edge; uncirculated. 1976 Belize
KM-46b, 1977 Belize cent; aluminum, scalloped edge, Franklin mint uncirculated finish; nice proof... 1977 Belize
KM-46b, 1979 Belize cent, Franklin mint; aluminum, scalloped edge, proof finish; bright very nice... 1979 Belize
KM-39, 1974 Belize 5 cents, Franklin mint (FM mint mark); matte finish, nickel-brass, plain edge;... 1974 Belize
KM-42, 1974 Belize 50 cents; Franklin mint matte finish, copper-nickel, reeded edge; as minted,... 1974 Belize
KM-37, 1980 Belize 50 cents; copper nickel, reeded edge; nice uncirculated 1980 Belize
KM-19, 1936 British Honduras cent; bronze, plain edge; extra fine to about uncirculated, no... 1936 Belize