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1865 Bolivia 1/2 sol size medal, silver, reeded edge; EL HEROE DE DICIEMBRE obverse with... 1865 Bolivia
KM-156.3, 1872 Bolivia 5 centavos, FE essayer; silver, reeded edge; poorly struck uncirculated or... 1872 Bolivia
KM-179.1, 1935 10 centavos; copper nickel, plain edge; about uncirculated. 1935 Bolivia
Fonrobert.9652, Bolivia 1863 2 sol size proclamation medal; silver, reeded edge; Obverse Legend:... 1863 Bolivia
KM-73, 1808 Bolivia 8 reales, Potosi mint (PTS mintmark), PJ essayer; silver; very fine or so,... 1808 Bolivia
KM-96a.2, 1830 Bolivia 4 sol, Potosi mint (PTS mint mark), JL essayer; silver, reeded and... 1830 Bolivia
Fonrobert.9657, Bolivia 1864 sol size proclamation medal; silver, reeded edge; obverse SIMPATIA... 1864 Bolivia
KM-179.1, 1936 10 centavos; copper nickel, plain edge; 3-year type, bright uncirculated. 1936 Bolivia
KM-179.2, 1939 10 centavos; copper nickel, plain edge; bright uncirculated but with carbon spot... 1939 Bolivia
KM-138.6, 1860 Bolivia 8 soles, Potosi mint (PTS mint mark in monogram); silver, reeded and... 1860 Bolivia
KM-82, 1799 Bolivia 1/4 real, Potosi mint (PTS mint mark); silver, circle and rectangle edge;... 1799 Bolivia
Fonrobert.9590, Bolivia 1854 escudo size proclamation medal, Potosi mint; gold, reeded edge;... 1854 Bolivia
KM-159.1, 1872 Bolivia 20 centavos, Potosi mint (PTS mintmark in monogram), FE essayer initials;... 1872 Bolivia
KM-133.2, Bolivia 1863 1/2 sol, Potosi mint (PTS mint mark), FP mintmaster initials; silver,... 1863 Bolivia
KM-118.1, 1855 Bolivia 1/2 sol, Potosi mint (PTS mintmark), MJ mint master; silver, reeded edge;... 1855 Bolivia
KM-157.2, 1893 Bolivia 5 centavos, CB essayer; silver, reeded edge; about uncirculated, toned,... 1893 Bolivia
KM-157.1, 1876 Bolivia 5 centavos, Potosi mint (PTS in monogram), FE essayer initials; silver,... 1876 Bolivia
Detail for BO76A: Inverted A instead of V in BOLIVIANA. 1876 Bolivia
KM-157.2, 1887 Bolivia 5 centavos, Potosi mint (PTS in monigram); silver, reeded edge; weak... 1887 Bolivia
KM-119.2, 1857 Bolivia sol, Potosi mint (PTS mintmark in monogram); silver, reeded edge; dot... 1857 Bolivia