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KM-160.1, 1874 Bolivia boliviano; silver, reeded edge; good extra fine to about uncirculated,... 1874 Bolivia
KM-158.3, 1890 Bolivia 10 centavos, CB essayer initials; silver, reeded edge; in nice BU... 1890 Bolivia
Detail for BO90A: Date and essayer initials. 1890 Bolivia
KM-161.5, 1897 Bolivia 50 centavos, CB essayer, Potosi mint (PTS mintmark in monogram); silver,... 1897 Bolivia
KM-97, 1829 Bolivia 8 soles; post revolutionary equivalent of 8 reales has a portrair of Bolivar... 1829 Bolivia
KM-123.2, 1856 Bolivia 4 soles, FJ assayer, with stop after CONSTITUCION variery; common coin,... 1856 Bolivia
KM-177, 1909 Bolivia 1/2 boliviano or 50 centavos, Heaton mint (H mintmark); silver, reeded edge;... 1909 Bolivia
KM-97, 1835 Bolivia 8 soles, Potosi mint (PTS mint mark in monogram), LM essayer; silver, reeded... 1835 Bolivia
KM112.2, 1855 Bolivia 8 soles; average circulated very fine specimen 1855 Bolivia
KM-84, 1823 Bolivia 8 reales; colonial issue from the later years, nice but a later counter-stamp... 1823 Bolivia
KM-138.6, 1861 Bolivia 8 soles. 1861 Bolivia
KM-138.6, 1863 Bolivia 8 soles; fine plus condition I would guess but Bolivian coins are very... 1863 Bolivia
KM-130, 1856 Bolivia 4 soles, PAZ mint mark; although fine plus only in condition, much less... 1856 Bolivia
KM-96a1, 1830 Bolivia 4 soles; unlisted in Krause variety of equally spaced stars and wide spread... 1830 Bolivia
Star spacing and date illustrating the BO30A coin below; spaced star and wider date varieties. 1830 Bolivia
KM-96a.1, 1830 Bolivia 4 soles; this is a grouped stars narrow date variety; coin is quite bad... 1830 Bolivia
Details for the below BO30B coin, grouped stars and narrow date. 1830 Bolivia
KM-161.5, 1891 Bolivia 50 centavos, CB essayer, Potosi mint (PTS mintmark in monogram); silver,... 1891 Bolivia
KM-138.6, 1862 Bolivia 8 soles, Potosi mint (PTS mintmark), FP assayer; silver, reeded and... 1862 Bolivia
KM-138, 1863 Bolivia 8 soles Potosi mint, FP; good extra fine although it does have 2 rim nicks... 1863 Bolivia