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KM-T5, 1896 Great Britain trade dollar, Bombay mint (B mint mark in the trident); silver, reeded... 1896 United Kingdom
KM-725, 1848 Great Britain farthing; Copper, plain edge; nice chocolate toned uncirculated... 1848 United Kingdom
KM-19, 1946 British West Africa penny, Pretoria (South Africa) mint (SA mintmark); copper nickel,... 1946 British West Africa
KM-TS1, 1952 British West Africa shilling; trial, cromiun plated magnetic steel, crude and part... 1952 British West Africa
Y#22a.1, 1907 Russia (Empire) 20 kopeks; silver, reeded edge; this uncirculated but cleaned... 1907 Russia
KM-8, 1937 Southern Rhodesia penny; copper-nickel, plai edge; brilliant uncirculated 1937 Rhodesia
KM-20, 1957 Israel 10 prutot; aluminum, plain edge; early Independence coinage, 1-year type,... 1957 Israel
KM-20a, 1957 Israel 10 prutot; copper plated aluminum, plain edge; nice uncirculated, NGC graded... 1957 Israel
KM-12a, 1954 Israel 25 pruta, Tel Aviv mint; nickel clad steel, plain edge; 1-year type,... 1954 Israel
KM-17, 1952 Israel 10 prutot; aluminum, plain edge, scalloped flan; earlier Israeli issue, 1-year... 1952 Israel
KM-5 1932 Rhodesia
KM-18, 1939 Southern Rhodesia shilling; silver, reeded edge; George VI second issue and war time... 1939 Rhodesia
KM-3, 1936 Southern Rhodesia shilling; silver, reeded edge; George V, lustrous uncirculated. 1936 Rhodesia
KM-2 1932 Rhodesia
KM-1, 1934 Southern Rhodesia 3 pence; silver, plain edge; early George V, bright white... 1934 Rhodesia
KM-16, 1939 Southern Rhodesia 3 pence; silver, plain edge; George VI second type, smallest... 1939 Rhodesia
KM-11, 1937 Southern Rhodesia shilling; silver, reeded edge; George VI coronation year and one... 1937 Rhodesia
Proof half crown from 1923 set. But it was probably cleaned in the past.... 1923 South Africa
KM-7, 1916 British West Africa 1/10 penny, Heaton mint (H mintmark); copper nickel, plain edge;... 1916 British West Africa
KM-818.1, 1918 Great Britain 1/2 crown; silver, reeded edge; nice white uncirculated, little... 1918 United Kingdom
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