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KM-3, 1964 Rhodesia 20 cents (2 shillings); proof, copper-nickel, reeded edge; Elizabeth II,... 1964 Rhodesia
KM-128.1, 1630 German States Bavaria 2 kreuzer; billon; Prince Elector Maximilian II,... 1630 Germany
KM-23, 1909 Jamaica penny; graded by the previous owner as about uncirculated and it is; he did... 1909 Jamaica
KM-30, 1935 Canada dollar; silver, reeded edge; George V, 25'th anniversary of the reign, one... 1935 Canada
KM-21, 1958 Israel 5 lirot in mirror field proof like condition; however the rays from the center... 1958 Israel
KM-12, Jersey 1923 1/12 shilling in nice about uncirculated condition; somehow the scan did not... 1923 Jersey
Details of the below KM-880 GB51C. Left is a strike through area under King's ear; the form and... 1951 United Kingdom
KM-52, South Africa 1954 5 shillings (Crown) business strike; this is the second rarest Elizabeth... 1954 South Africa
KM-18, 1966 Irelant 10 shllings, anniversary of the Irish Easter uprising; silver, lettered edge;... 1966 Ireland
KM-49.1, 1957 Vatican /Year XIX of Pius XII lira; aluminum, plain edge; scarcer 30,000 mintage... 1957 Vatican
KM-E5, 1956 French West Africa essai 25 francs; aluminum-bronze, reeded edge; toned, proof like... 1956 West African States
KM-85, 1980 South Africa 10 cents; nickel (again, looks like SA mint did not like copper-nickel... 1980 South Africa
KM-12a, 1920 British West Africa shilling, King Norton's mint (KN mintmark); tin brass, reeded... 1920 British West Africa
KM-Tn5, 1813 Ireland 10 pence bank token; silver, plain edge; good very fine, darker toning. 1813 Ireland
KM-227, 1957 Peru un (1) centavo; zinc, plain edge; because zinc is easily corroded unless... 1957 Peru
Y#22a.1, 1907 Russia (Empire) 20 kopeks; silver, reeded edge; this uncirculated but cleaned... 1907 Russia
KM-42, 1969 Jamaica penny; Centennial coinage; mintage 30,000; unusual alloy of copper nickel and... 1969 Jamaica
KM-97, 1827 Potosi JM large alpacas about uncirculated. but probably cleaned in the past life.... 1827 Bolivia
KM-55a, 1969 Uruguay 1000 pesos, Santiago mint; bronze, lettered edge "* REPUBLICA ORIENTAL DEL... 1969 Uruguay
KM-28, 1960 Israel lira; copper-nickel, plain edge; Hanukka - 50th Anniversary of Deganya... 1960 Israel