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KM-132, 1983 Israel 5 sheqalim, Munich (Germany) mint; proof, gold, 12-sided flan, reeded edge;... 1983 Israel
IGCMC medal dedicated to 1983 International Congress of Precious stones, serial number 1680, 935... 1983 Israel
KM-126, 1983 Israel 1/2 sheqel, Munich (Germany) mint; silver, 12-sided flan, plain edge; some... 1983 Israel
KM-128, 1983 Israel sheqel, Munich (Germany) mint; proof, silver, 12-sided flan, reeded edge;... 1983 Israel
KM-19a, 1983 Falkland Israels 50 pence; silver, reeded edge; nice proof crown size coin, est.... 1983 Falkland Islands
KM-933, 1983 Great Britain pound; proof, nickel-brass, reeded and lettered edge; Elizabeth II,... 1983 United Kingdom
KM-X#S16, 1883 Switzerland 5 francs shooting thaler; silver, reeded edge; Lugano shooting thaler,... 1983 Switzerland
KM-958, 1983 Turkey 1500 lira; proof, silver, reeded edge; FAO World Food Day issue, scarcer with... 1983 Turkey
KM-627, 1983 Hungary 20 filler; aluminum, reeded edge; FAO issue, uncirculated, small mintage of... 1983 Hungary
KM-628, 1983 Hungary 5 forint; nickel, reeded edge; FAO issue, uncirculated, small mintage of... 1983 Hungary
KM-629, 1983 Hungary 10 forint; nickel, ornamented edge; FAO issue, bright white uncirculated... 1983 Hungary
KM-111, 1983 Cuba 5 pesos; silver, reeded edge; FAO commemorative - spiny lobster, unusually... 1983 Cuba
KM-107, 1983 Cuba peso; copper-nickel, plain edge; World Fisheries Conference - spiny lobster,... 1983 Cuba
KM-552, AH1404 (1983) Egypt 5 pounds; silver, reeded edge; 75'th Anniversary of Cairy University,... 1983 Egypt
KM-88a, 1983 South Africa rand; nickel, reeded edge; uncirculated, few bagmarks, posibly from the... 1983 South Africa
Photo of the SA83A - 1983 rand. 1983 South Africa
KM-61, 1983 Finland 50 markkaa; silver, plain edge; 1st World Athletics Championships... 1983 Finland
KM-614, 1983 Portugal escudo; nickel-brass, plain edge; modern Republic issue, common, bright... 1983 Portugal
KM-549, AH1403 (1983) Egypt 5 pounds; silver, reeded edge; 50th Anniversary - Deaths of Shawky... 1983 Egypt
KM-52, 1983 Cyprus 1/2 cent; aluminum, 12-sided flan, plain edge; decimal issue, 1-year type,... 1983 Cyprus