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KM-798, 1907 Great Britain maundy 4 pence groat ; bright both sides in the center, toned to... 1907 United Kingdom
KM-815, 1914 Great Britain 6 pence; silver, reeded edge; good very fine to about extra fine. 1914 United Kingdom
BHM 3737, Eimer 1872, 1902 Great Britain coronation medal; silver, plain edge, 31 mm, 12.8 gr;... 1902 United Kingdom
KM-852, 1945 Great Britain 6 pence; silver, reeded edge; George VI, coin is in mint condition but... 1945 United Kingdom
KM-727, 1876 Great Britan maundy penny; xood extra fine to about uncirculated; tiny silver coin... 1876 United Kingdom
KM-729, 1876 Great Britain maundy 2 pence; nice extra fine 1876 United Kingdom
KM-889, 1953 Great Britain proof six pence; reeded edge copper nickel, nice 1953 United Kingdom
KM-882, 1953 Great Britain proof half penny; bronze plain edge some brown tonings on effigy and a... 1953 United Kingdom
KM-776, 1894 Great Britain maundy 2 pence; plain edge proof like toned, nice 1894 United Kingdom
KM-896, 1966 Great Britain 1/2 penny; bronze, plain edge; Elizabeth II, bright red brilliant... 1966 United Kingdom
KM-813/813a, 1920 Great Britain 3 pence; silver plain edge; about extra fine. 1920 United Kingdom
KM-777, 1897 Great Britain 3 pence; silver, plain edge; Victoria mature veiled head, good or... 1897 United Kingdom
KM-763, 1887 Great Britain double florin, Roman 1 in date, reeded silver large, almost crown size... 1887 United Kingdom
KM-881, 1953 Great Britain farthing, proof; plain edge bronze; effigy side have turned brown from... 1953 United Kingdom
KM-856, 1940 Great Britain half crown; silver, reeded edge; war time issue uncirculated or almost... 1940 United Kingdom
KM-903, 1964 Great Britain 6 pence; copper nickel reeded edge; nice uncirculated specimen. 1964 United Kingdom
KM-765, 1889 Great Britain crown; silver reeded edge; extra fine or better. 1889 United Kingdom
KM-794.2, 1902 Great Britain Edward VII penny; bronze, plain edge; nice toned into brown good... 1902 United Kingdom
KM-857, 1937 Great britain crown; silver, reeded edge; nice one, if it was not for some bag marks... 1937 United Kingdom
KM-761, 1887 Great Britain shilling; silver, reeded edge; Victoria small veiled bust; Davies 1 +... 1887 United Kingdom