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KM-82, 1980 South Africa proof cent, reeded edge, bronze, sparrows on reverse 1980 South Africa
KM-81, 1980 South Africa proof 1/2 cent; bronze reeded coin with sparrows on reverse; it is... 1980 South Africa
KM-37, 1980 Belize 50 cents; copper nickel, reeded edge; nice uncirculated 1980 Belize
Y#21, 1980 China 30 yuan; proof, silver, reeded edge; 1980 Lake Placid winter olympics... 1980 China
KM-X#Pn26, 19(80) Equatorial Guinea 10000 bipkwele; aluminum, reeded edge; aluminum pattern of... 1980 Equatorial Guinea
KM-2946.1, 1980 Austria 20 schillings; copper-nialuminum-nickel, lettered edge; uncirculated, few... 1980 Austria
KM-22, 1980 Laos 10 att; aluminum, reeded edge; bright white uncirculated. 1980 Laos
Y#128a, 1980 Russia (USSR) 3 kopeks; aluminum-bronze, reeded edge; proof like specimen from set,... 1980 Russia
Y#130, 1980 Russia (USSR) 10 kopeks; copper-nickel-zinc, reeded edge; uncirculated or about,... 1980 Russia
KM-938, 1980 Turkey 2 1/2 lira, Istanbul mint; stainless steel, lettered edge FAO; special FAO... 1980 Turkey
KM939, 1980 Turkey 5 lira, Istanbul mint; stainless steel, reeded edge; special FAO issue,... 1980 Ukraine
KM-511, AH1400 (1980) Egypt pound; proof, silver, reeded edge; Doctor's day commemorative,... 1980 Egypt
KM-11a, 1980 Suriname cent, Utrecht mint; aluminum, plain edge; bright white uncirculated, minute... 1980 Suriname
KM-1a, 1980 Singapore cent; copper clad steel, plain edge; red uncirculated. 1980 Singapore
Y#129a, 1980 Russia (USSR) 5 kopeks; aluminum-bronze, reeded edge; very fine to extra fine, some... 1980 Russia
Y#177, 1980 Russia (USSR) rouble; copper-nickel-zinc, lettered edge; uncirculated proof-like,... 1980 Russia
Y#178, 1980 Russia (USSR) rouble; copper-nickel-zinc, lettered edge; uncirculated or proof like... 1980 Russia
KM-106, 1980 Israel new agora; aluminum, plain edge; average uncirculated or about of the sheqel... 1980 Israel
KM-515, AH1400 (1980) Egypt pound; proof, reeded edge; Cairo University Law facility, mintage... 1980 Egypt
KM-940.2, 1980 Turkey 500 lira; proof, silver, lettered and ornamented edge; obverse cameo,... 1980 Turkey