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Coin ID Most popular coins this week: Country Collection
1029658 1672 farthing, VF with planchet flaws, United Kingdom ScottO
1027488 1882 Mexican Eagle Silver Peso Coin, Mexico Yeyong
1040006 Vatican 100 lire. 1962, Pontif Ioannes Vatican henry12
1011926 光緒元寶 (KUANG HSU YUAN BAO), China Mcektam
1061189 AR 20 kopeck 1784 SPB. NGC AU-55 Russia alexbq2
1061190 AR Poltina (1/2 Rouble), Moscow mint. On Russia alexbq2
1061170 AE Half Bisti. Ob: Fish, Rv: Georgi Georgia alexbq2
1061136 Poland 10 złotych. 2011, History of Poland henry12
1061182 KM-2835, 1924 Austria schilling; silver, Austria sandy3075
Coin ID Latest coin additions: Country Collection
1061227 A nickel found in change USA colind
1061225 £5 Royal Tudor beasts The Seymore United Kingdom De-Orc
1061224 £5 Royal Tudor beasts The Lion of United Kingdom De-Orc
1061223 £5 Queen's Platinum Jubilee United Kingdom De-Orc
1061222 £5 Peter Rabbit Betrix Potter United Kingdom De-Orc
1061221 £5 Lunar Year of the Tiger United Kingdom De-Orc
1061220 £5 40th Birthday of Prince William United Kingdom De-Orc
1061219 £5 Mahatma Gandhi United Kingdom De-Orc
1061218 KM-17b, 1947 Southern Rhodesia 6 pence; Rhodesia sandy3075
1061217 Hungary (War of Independece) 6 Hungary henry12