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KM-57 (Prev. KM-32), 1958 Argentina peso; nickel clad steel, plain edge; common circulation... 1958 Argentina
KM-840.2, 1958 Denmark 2 ore; zinc, plain edge; Frederik IX, common circulation issue, typically... 1958 Denmark
1975 Heraldic Art commemorative medal; silver, reeded edge; Second Continental Congress... 1975 USA
2019 Ukraine 10 kopiyok; brass-plated steel, reeded edge; modern circulation coinage, no longer... 2019 Ukraine
KM-800, 1910 Great Britain shilling; silver, reeded edge; Edward VII, good extra fine, obverse... 1910 United Kingdom
KM-44, 1980 Isle of Man pound, Pobjoy Mint (PM mint mark); virenium, segment reeded edge;... 1980 Isle of Man
KM-675, 1819 Great Britain crown; silver, lettered edge; George III, ANNO REGNI LIX edge, toned... 1819 United Kingdom
KM-918.1, 1952 France 50 francs, Paris mint (no mint mark); aluminum-bronze, plain edge; common... 1952 France
KM-14, 1915 Germany (Empire) mark, Berlin mint (A mint mark); silver, reeded edge; Wilhelm II,... 1915 Germany
KM-17, 1915 Germany (Empire) half mark, Hamiburg mint (J mint mark); silver, reeded edge; Wilhelm... 1915 Germany
KM-918.1, 1951 France 50 francs; aluminum-bronze, plain edge; almost uncirculated details, toned... 1951 France
KM-184.1a, 1958 Costa Rica 5 centimos, Philadelphia mint; stainless steel, reeded edge; common... 1958 Costa Rica
KM-25, 1917 Canada 50 cents; silver, reeded edge; George V, very good or about, obverse part... 1917 Canada
KM-11, 1904 Canada 25 cents, Royal mint (no mint mark); silver, reeded edge; Edward VII, scarcest... 1904 Canada
KM-110, 1974 Germany (Federal Republic) mark, Hamburg mint (J mint mark); copper-nickel,... 1974 Germany
KM-6, 1935 Palestine 100 mils; silver, reeded edge; George V British mandate issue, NGC graded AU58. 1935 Palestine
KM-1, 1932 vatican 5 centesimi; bronze, plain edge; Year VI of Pius XI, mintage 100,000, NGC... 1932 Vatican
KM-62b, 1971 Canada 25 cents; nickel, reeded edge; Elizabeth II, proof like, uncirculated. 1971 Canada
KM-35, 1944 Canada 25 cents; silver, reeded edge; George VI, common year, well circulated and... 1944 Canada
CO73B, 1973/1 overdate. 1973 Colombia
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