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KM-2a, 1942 Iceland 25 aurar; zinc, reeded edge; Christian X, a war-time variation of the type,... 1942 Iceland
KM-848.1, 1967 Denmark 5 ore; bronze, plain edge; Frederik IX, common circulation issue, mostly... 1967 Denmark
KM-483, 1893 Hungary (Austro-Hungarian Empire) 20 filler, Kremnitz mint (KB mint mark); nickel,... 1893 Hungary
KM-885, 1937 France franc; aluminum-bronze, plain edge; some obverse marks, overwise good fine or... 1937 France
KM-10a, 1971 Iceland 10 aurar, Royal Mint (London, UK, no mint mark); aluminum, reeded edge;... 1971 Iceland
KM-464, 1854 Brazil (Empire) 500 reis; silver, reeded edge; Pedro II, almost uncirculated... 1855 Brazil
KM-460, 1978 Mexico peso; copper-nickel, reeded edge; Morelos, close 8 variety, average... 1978 Mexico
KM-80.2, 1969 South Africa (Republic) rand; proof, silver, reeded edge; end of Dr. T.E. Donges... 1969 South Africa
KM-607a, 1981 Portugal 25 escudos; copper-nickel, reeded edge; circulation coinage, bright... 1981 Portugal
KM-80.1, 1969 South Africa (Republic) rand; silver, reeded edge; English legend, end of Dr. T.E.... 1969 South Africa
KM-184a, 1971 Netherlands gulden; nickel, lettered edge; Juliana, average uncirculated, few bag... 1971 Netherlands
KM-826.2, 1936 Denmark ore; bronze, plain edge; Christian X, almost uncirculated details, but... 1936 Denmark
KM-919.1, 1954 France 100 francs, Paris mint (no mint mark); copper-nickel, reeded edge; common,... 1954 France
KM-46, 1957 Switzerland rappen, Bern mint; bronze, plain edge; average brown uncirculated, small... 1957 Switzerland
KM-867, 1950 Great Britain farthing; proof, bronze, plain edge; George VI, from one of 18,000... 1950 United Kingdom
KM-868, 1950 Great Britain half penny; bronze, plain edge; George VI, from one of 18,000 (or... 1950 United Kingdom
KM-24, 1971 Ireland 50 pence; copper-nickel, 7-sided flan, plain edge; first decimal type,... 1971 Ireland
Y#97.2, Japan Heisei Yr.18 (2006) 10 yen; bronze, plain edge; Akihito, mostly brown uncirculated,... 2006 Japan
KM-23, 1918 Australia penny, Calcutta mint (I mint mark); bronze, plain edge; George V coinage, a... 1918 Australia
KM-199, 1967 Philippines 25 sentimos; copper-nickel-zinc, reeded edge; circulation issue with the... 1967 Philippines
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