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KM-80, 1971 Canada dollar; silver, reeded edge; Elizabeth II, British Colombia Centennial... 1971 Canada
KM-174, 1999 Greece 100 drachmas; aluminum-bronze, segment reeded edge; World Weightlifting... 1999 Greece
KM-3, 1931 Czechoslovakia 10 haleru; bronze, plain edge; first Republic issue, very fine or almost. 1931 Czech Republic
KM-780, 1898 Great Britain shilling; silver, reeded edge; Victoria, extra fine or so and toned. 1898 United Kingdom
KM-853, 1941 Great Britain shilling; silver, reeded edge; George VI, English crest, darker toned... 1941 United Kingdom
KM-706, 1900 (00) Spain (Kingdom) peseta; silver, reeded edge; Alfonso XIII, good very fine, old... 1900 Spain
KM-2802, 1908 Austria (Empire) 10 heller; nickel, reeded edge; Franz Joseph I, extra fine or... 1908 Austria
KM-26, 1894 Switzerland 5 rappen; copper-nickel, plain edge; Confederation, good very fine to... 1894 Switzerland
KM-21.2, 1939 French Indochina 10 centimes, Paris mint; copper-nickel, reeded edge; scarce... 1939 Vietnam
KM-11, 1963 Ireland penny; bronze, plain edge; common year, red brown choice uncirculated. 1963 Ireland
KM-15a, 1963 Ireland florin (2 shillings); copper-nickel, reeded edge; good choice uncirculated... 1963 Ireland
KM-16a, 1963 Ireland 1/2 crown; copper-nickel, reeded edge; nice uncirculated specimen from green... 1963 Ireland
KM-967, 1988 100 lira; copper-nickel-zinc, reeded edge; average uncirculated, few bag marks and... 1988 Turkey
KM-1, 1979 Kiribati cent; bronze, plain edge; first year of coinage, mintage 90,000, average red... 1979 Kiribati
KM-3, 1925 Czechoslovakia 10 haleru; bronze, plain edge; Republican coinage, brown almost... 1925 Czech Republic
KM-1255, 1902 Germany (Empire) mark, Mildenhutten mint (E mint mark); silver, reeded edge;... 1902 Germany
KM-14, 1969 Zambia 50 ngwee, Royal Mint (London, UK); copper-nickel, 12-sided, plain edge; one... 1969 Zambia
KM-20a, (1828)//AN 25 Haiti 50 centimes; copper, reeded edge; President J.P. Boyer, considered to... 1828 Haiti
KM-8, 1982 French Polynesia 10 francs, Paris mint; nickel, reeded edge; French overseas... 1982 French Polynesia
KM-27.2, 1958 New Zealand shilling; copper-nickel, reeded edge; Elizabeth II, extra fine details. 1958 New Zealand