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KM-23, 1854 Argentina Rioja 1/2 real; silver, laureate corded edge; Rioja provincial issue by... 1854 Argentina
KM-889.1, 1939 France 10 centimes; copper-nickel (nickel-silver by Numista), holed flan, plain... 1939 France
KM-759, AH1327//3 (1911) Turkey 5 para, Constantinople mint; nickel, plain edge; Muhammad V,... 1911 Turkey
KM-70, 1977 Australia 50 cents; copper-nickel, dodecagonal 12-sided flan, plain edge; Elizabeth... 1977 Australia
KM-6, 1876 Germany (Empire) 10 pfennig, Munich mint (D mint mark); copper-nickel, plain edge;... 1876 Germany
KM-37, 1928 Germany (Weimar Republic) reichspfennig, Munich mint (D mint mark); bronze, plain... 1928 Germany
KM-852, 1976 Sweden krona; copper-nickel clad copper, reeded edge; Carl XVI Gustaf, first year,... 1976 Sweden
KM-250, 1988 Philippines 10 piso; nickel, reeded edge; anniversary of the People Power Revolution... 1988 Philippines
KM-813, 1945 Sweden 10 ore; silver, plain edge; Gustaf V, decent circulated details, but dark... 1945 Sweden
KM-783, 1900 Great Britain crown; silver, lettered edge; Victoria, ANNO REGNI LVIX, good fine... 1900 United Kingdom
KM-89, 1974 South Africa (Republic) rand; silver, reeded edge; 1-year commemorative type... 1974 South Africa
KM-423, 1936 Mexico 5 centavos; copper-nickel, plain edge; average circulated very fine or so. 1936 Mexico
KM-583, 1965 Portugal 10 centavos; bronze, plain edge; modern Republic, brown uncirculated or... 1965 Portugal
KM-91, 1975 Mozambique (Republic) 2 centimos; brass, plain edge; first independence issue, not... 1975 Mozambique
KM-124, 1972 Germany 2 mark, Hamburg mint (J mintmark); copper-nickel, lettered edge; Conrad... 1971 Germany
KM-242.2, 1983 Philippines 50 sentimos; copper-nickel, plain edge; variety with the spelling... 1983 Philippines
KM-5, 1974 Singapore 50 cents; copper-nickel, reeded edge; circulation coinage, average... 1974 Singapore
KM-101, 1993 Singapore 20 cents; copper-nickel, reeded edge; average uncirculated. 1993 Singapore
KM-7, 1943 New Zealand 3 pence; silver, plain edge; George VI, common world War II period issue,... 1943 New Zealand
KM-3, 1949 French Oceania 2 francs; aluminum, plain edge; French Pacific overseas territory,... 1949 French Polynesia