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KM-69.2, 1967 South Africa (Republic) 20 cents; proof, nickel, plain edge; Afrikaans legend, Van... 1967 South Africa
KM-36, 1962 Jamaica half penny; nickel-brass, plain edge; Elizabeth II, average dark red... 1962 Jamaica
KM-76, 1963 Portuguese Angola escudo; bronze, plain edge; colonial period, mostly red... 1963 Angola
KM-158.2, 1876 Bolivia 10 centavos, Potosi mint (PTS mintmark in monogram), FE essayer initials;... 1876 Bolivia
KM-151.1, 1864 Bolivia 1/5 boliviano; silver, reeded edge; relatively scarce short 3-year series,... 1864 Bolivia
KM-4, 1876 Newfoundland 20 cents, Heaton mint (H mintmark); silver, reeded edge; Victoria,... 1876 Canada
KM-49, 1989 Jamaica 25 cents; copper-nickel, reeded edge; streamer tailed hummingbird, bright... 1989 Jamaica
KM-77, 1953 Portuguese Angola 2 1/2 escudos; copper-nickel, reeded edge; colonial issue, very... 1953 Angola
KM-69.2, 1779 Mexico (Colonial) 1/2 real, Mexico City mint (Mo mint mark), FF essayer mark;... 1779 Mexico
KM-760, 1897 Sweden krona; silver, reeded edge; Oscar II, well circulated, very good or about. 1897 Sweden
KM-190, 1875 Peru dinero, YJ essayer mint mark; silver, reeded edge; nicely toned extra fine or... 1875 Peru
KM-469, 1862 Brazil (Empire) 200 reis; silver, reeded edge; Pedro II, uncirculated details, seems... 1962 Brazil
KM-469, 1855 Brazil 200 reis; silver, reeded edge; Pedro II, beads on the crown variety, good... 1855 Brazil
KM-469, 1854 Brazil (Empire) 200 reis; silver, reeded edge; Pedro II, first year of the type,... 1854 Brazil
KM-182a1, Bolivia 1942 50 centavos; bronze, plain edge; good detailed strike, likely original... 1942 Bolivia
KM-12, 1944 New Zealand half penny; bronze, plain edge; George VI, first type, mostly light brown... 1944 New Zealand
KM-526, 1934 Brazil (Republic) 2000 reis; silver, reeded edge; Liberty type, last year of the... 1934 Brazil
KM-152, 1922 Netherlands cent, Utrecht mint (no mintmark); bronze, reeded edge; Wilhelmina I,... 1922 Netherlands
KM-167, 1986 Cuba peso; copper-nickel, plain edge; 100'th anniversary of abolivion of slavery,... 1986 Cuba
KM-22, 1926 Australia half penny, Melbourne or Sydney mint (no mint mark); bronze, plain edge;... 1926 Australia