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KM-19, 1966 Guernsey 10 shillings; coppr-nickel, square flan, plain edge; 1-year type... 1966 Guernsey
KM-305, 1761 German State Saxe-Coburg-Altenburg 3 pfennig; copper, plain edge; Friedrich III,... 1761 Germany
KM-Tn5, 1814 Great Britain Bank of England 3 shilling token; silver, plain edge; second type,... 1814 United Kingdom
KM-834, 1933 Great Britain florin; silver, reeded edge; George V, very fine or almost. 1933 United Kingdom
KM-855, 1981 Sweden 50 ore; copper-nickel, plain edge; Carl XVI Gustaf, average circulated. 1981 Sweden
KM-855, 1940 Great Britain florin (2 shillings); silver, reeded edge; George VI, war time strike... 1940 United Kingdom
KM-11, 1903 Hong Kong, Royal Mint (no mint mark); bronze, plain edge; Edward VII, brown very fine. 1903 Hong Kong
1836 Austria ducat sized silver coronation token; silver, plain edge, 18 mm; Ferdinand I... 1836 Austria
KM-460, 1970 Mexico peso; copper-nickel, reeded edge; more common narrow date variety, average... 1970 Mexico
KM-795.2, 1903 Denmark 10 ore; silver, plain edge; Christian IX, very fine or so details, dark... 1903 Denmark
KM-159, 2017 Israel 1/2 sheqel; aluminum-bronze, plain edge; circulation issue, brilliant... 2017 Israel
KM-2, 1882 Canada 5 cents, Heaton mint (H mint mark); silver, reeded edge; Victoria, fine or... 1882 Canada
KM-818.1, 1918 Denmark 10 ore; silver, plain edge; Christian X, common but nice lustrous under... 1918 Denmark
KM-835, 1934 Great Britain 1/2 crown; silver, reeded edge; George V, smaller and second smallest... 1934 United Kingdom
KM-258, 2020 Germany (Federal Republic) 2 euro, Stuttgart mint (F mint mark); bi-metallic, reeded... 2020 Germany
KM-886, 1953 Great Britain 3 pence; nickel-brass, plain edge, 12-sided flan; Elizabeth II, first,... 1953 United Kingdom
KM-840.2, 1969 Denmark 2 ore; zinc, plain edge; Frederik IX, common circulation issue, toned... 1969 Denmark
KM-16, 1960 Liberia 25 cents, Philadelphia (US) mint; silver, reeded edge; 2-year type, uncommon,... 1960 Liberia
KM-36, 1955 Cyprus (British rule) 50 mils; copper-nickel, reeded edge; Elizabeth II... 1955 Cyprus
KM-16, 1925 Hong Kong cent, Royal mint (no mint mark); bronze, plain edge; George V, fine or so. 1925 Hong Kong