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Y#24.2, 1926 Venezuela 5 bolivares; silver, reeded edge; good fine to about very fine. 1926 Venezuela
KM-456, 1755 German States Hesse-Kassel 3 heller; copper, plain edge; Landgraf Wilhelm VIII, 1... 1755 Germany
KM-541, 1937 Brazil 1000 reis; aluminum-bronze, reeded edge; 3-year circulation commemorative of... 1937 Brazil
KM-613, 1856 German States Hesse-Kassel heller; copper, plain edge; Elector Friedrich Wilhelm,... 1856 Germany
KM-545, 1938 Brazil 200 reis; copper-nickel, scappoled edge; circulation coinage, Getulio Vargas,... 1938 Brazil
KM-88, 1977 South Africa rand; proof, silver, reeded edge; mintage 19,000 and silver rands were... 1977 South Africa
KM-233, 1858 German States Hannover pfennig, Hanover mint (B mint mark); copper, plain edge; King... 1858 Germany
KM-167.1, 1835 German States Hannover 2 pfennig, Clausthal (Hannover) mint (A mint mark); copper,... 1835 Germany
KM-150.2, 1832 German States Hannover pfennig, Hannover mint (B mint mark); copper, plain edge;... 1832 Germany
KM-755, 1897 Sweden 10 ore; silver, plain edge; Oscar II, smaller mintage year, good extra fine,... 1897 Sweden
KM-481, 1883 Brazil Empire 1000 reis; silver, reeded edge; Perdo II, scarcer type, mintage... 1883 Brazil
KM-2, 1992 Falkland Islands penny; bronze, plain edge; Elizabeth II, second portrait, red... 1992 Falkland Islands
KM-98, 1694 German State Hanau-Lichtenberg 2 albus; silver; Count Philipp Reinhard, scarce 2-year... 1694 Germany
KM-199a, 1971 Chile 5 escudos; aluminum, plain edge; short 1-year type, bright uncirculated. 1972 Chile
KM-109.1, 1885 Netherlands half cent; bronze, reeded edge; Willem III, small coin, good very fine. 1885 Netherlands
KM-170, 1944 Netherlands cent; zinc, reeded edge; German occupation issue, uncirculated details,... 1944 Netherlands
KM-137.3, 1880 Chile 1/2 decimo; silver, reeded edge; reduced silver type with finess added,... 1880 Chile
KM-44, 1948 Canada 25 cents; silver, reeded edge; George VI, first and scarcer year of the... 1948 Canada
KM-464, 1860 Brazil (Empire) 500 reis; silver reeded edge; Pedro II, variety with standard date,... 1860 Brazil
KM-7, 1964 Netherlands Antilles 2 1/2 gulden; silver, lettered edge; Juliana, bright white choice... 1964 Netherlands Antilles