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KM-124, 1984 Germany (Federal Republic) 2 mark, Stuttgart mint (F mint mark); copper-nickel,... 1984 Germany
KM-13a, 1968 Ireland 6 pence; copper-nickel, plain edge; late Republican pre-decimal coinage,... 1958 Ireland
KM-56, AH1400(1980) Saudi Arabia 50 halala (1/2 riyal), Royal mint; copper-nickel, reeded edge;... 1400 Saudi Arabia
KM-12, 1928 Czechoslovakia 10 korun; silver, reeded edge; 10'th anniversary of independence... 1928 Czech Republic
KM-39, 1963 Israel 5 lirot; silver, concave flan, incuse lettered edge; early commemorative... 1963 Israel
KM-406.7, 1874 Mexico 25 centavos, Mexico mint (Mo mint mark); silver, reeded edge; Second... 1874 Mexico
KM-36, 1957 Jamaica half penny; nickel-brass, plain edge; Elizabeth II, bright average uncirculated. 1957 Jamaica
KM-215.1, 1959 Colombia 20 centavos; copper-nickel, reeded edge; good very fine or so, 9 in the... 1959 Colombia
KM-530, 1932 Brazil (Republic) 500 reis; aluminum-bronze, reeded edge; 400'th anniversary of the... 1932 Brazil
KM-67, 1994 Hong Kong 20 cents; nickel-brass, scalloped flan, plain edge; average uncirculated. 1994 Hong Kong
KM-967, 1987 100 lira; copper-nickel-zinc, reeded edge; average uncirculated or almost, some... 1987 Turkey
KM-6, 1876 Germany (Empire) 10 pfennig, Berlin mint (A mint mark); copper-nickel, plain edge;... 1876 Germany
KM-51, 1953 Australia 3 pence, Melbourne mint (no mint mark); silver, plain edge; Elizabeth II,... 1953 Australia
KM-915.2, 1952 France 10 francs, Beaumont-le-Roger mint (B mint mark); aluminum-bronze, plain... 1952 France
KM-34, 1952 East Africa 10 cents, Royal mint (no mint mark); bronze, plain edge; George VI last... 1951 East Africa
KM-47, 1986 Bermuda 25 cents; copper-nickel, reeded edge; Elizabeth II, average uncirculated. 1986 Bermuda
KM-8, 1959 French Somaliland franc; aluminum, plain edge; common 2-year issue, bright uncirculated. 1959 Djibouti
KM-51, AH1392(1972) Saudi Arabia 50 halala (1/2 riyal), Royal mint; copper-nickel, reeded edge;... 1392 Saudi Arabia
KM-496, 1984 Mexico peso; stainless steel, reeded edge; modern Republic, first year of the common... 1984 Mexico
KM-13, 1974 Netherlands Antilles 5 cents; copper-nickel, plain edge, square flan; Juliana,... 1974 Netherlands Antilles