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KM-34, 1944 Canada 10 cents; silver, reeded edge; George VI, average circulated. 1944 Canada
KM-903, 1966 Great Britain 6 pence; copper nickel, reeded edge; Elizabeth II, last year of the... 1966 United Kingdom
KM-896, 1966 Great Britain 1/2 penny; bronze, plain edge; Elizabeth II, bright red brilliant... 1966 United Kingdom
KM-161, 1767 EG-IK German State Archbishopric of Cologne 1/4 stuber; copper; Maxmilian Friedrich... 1767 Germany
KM-107.1, 1884 Netherlands cent; bronze, reeded edge; Willem III, more common year, brown good... 1884 Netherlands
KM-33, 1952 South Africa (Dominion) half penny; bronze, plain edge; George VI last type and year... 1952 South Africa
KM-153, 1913 Netherlands 5 cents; copper-nickel, plain edge, square flan; Wilhelmina I, very fine... 1913 Netherlands
KM-9, 1920 British West Africa penny, Kings Norton (KN mint mark); copper-nickel, plain edge,... 1920 British West Africa
Y#102, 1936 Russia (USSR) 10 kopeks; copper nickel, reeded edge; good details, but a brak... 1936 Russia
KM-9, 1929 British West Africa penny; copper nickel, hold flan, plain edge; George V, one of the... 1929 British West Africa
KM-415, Mexico 1945 centavo, Mexico City mint (Mo mint mark); bronze, plain edge; common but red... 1945 Mexico
KM-4, 1888 Germany 10 pfennig, Berlin mint (A mint mark); copper-nickel, plain edge; Wilhelm I,... 1888 Germany
KM-6, 1958 Ghana 2 shillings; copper-nickel, reeded edge; first post-colonial issue, transitional... 1958 Ghana
KM-2, 1958 Ghana penny; bronze, plain edge; first post-colonial issue, transitional pound system,... 1958 Ghana
KM-1, 1961 Rwanda Burundi franc, Brussels mint; brass, reeded edge; short-lived post colonial... 1961 Rwanda
KM-6, 1969 French Polynesia 20 francs, Paris mint; nickel, reeded edge; 3-year type, without the... 1969 French Polynesia
KM-3, 1937 Czechoslovakia 10 haleru; bronze, plain edge; first Republican type, toned good extra... 1937 Czech Republic
KM-75, 1849 Netherlands 10 cents; silver, reeded edge; Willem II, dot after date variety, good... 1849 Netherlands
Y#132, 1987 Russia (USSR) 20 kopeks; copper-nickel-zinc, reeded edge; proof like specimen from... 1987 Russia
KM-20a, 1949 Uruguay 2 centesimos, Santiago de Chile mint (So mint mark); copper-tin-zinc, plain... 1949 Uruguay
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